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Setup Cart Widget Points

    Feature Overview
    Display a widget on the cart page to encourage customers to use the loyalty points. A discount code will be generated and applied on the checkout page automatically.


    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Rewards > Create new reward.


    Step 3. Click on Click To Create button under the cart widget point settings section.


    Step 4. Enable the Loyalty widget, and update the point values according to your needs and click on the save button.


    Step 5. Copy the shortcode.

    Step 6. Go to Shopify admin > Online store > Themes > actions (Live theme) > Edit code

    Step 7. Paste the copied code in cart-template.liquid file in the section.


    Check more details about – What is Loyalty Rewards Program here.

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