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Setup Trending Products

    Display products that are trending on your store with this feature.

    Follow the steps mentioned below to show trending products on your eCommerce Store.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Module Settings.


    Step 3. Enable the Module


    Step 4. Go to Recommendations > Trending Products


    Step 5. Update the trending product settings as per your requirements and click on the update button to Save settings.


    Step 6. If you want to show trending products on a custom build page, then copy the shortcode as shown in the screenshot.


    Step 7. In the Shopify admin, paste this code (in HTML editor view) on whichever page you want to showcase your trending products on. Need help? Live chat with us!

    Note – Similar steps can be followed for the Slide view. Keep in mind that the Number of columns in the slide view refers to the number of products and minimum products will be 4 per slide view.
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