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Use AiTrillion With The Shopify POS

    Integrating AiTrillion with Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

    AiTrillion now supports the Shopify Point of Sale (POS) system. When you install AiTrillion on your store, you will automatically have AiTrillion for Shopify POS. No need to install a separate app.

    Supported Module – Loyalty Rewards 

    Loyalty programs encourage shoppers to return to stores where they frequently make purchases. Some of the incentives may include advanced access to new products, additional discounts, or sometimes free merchandise.

    Increase Customer Engagement With Points Based Reward & Referral Program

    Supported Activities

    • Create an Account – Give points when a customer creates an account. Help
    • Make a Purchase – Give points when the customer orders something. Help
    • Leave a review – When a Customer Leaves a Review On Purchased Product Help

    Not Supported Activities

    • Refer a Friend – Give points when the customer refers a friend.
    • Visit Store – Give points when a customer visits your store.
    • Buy $X get Y points – Give points when customers make X amount of purchase.
    • On X Orders get Y points – Give points when customers make X times purchase.
    • Happy Birthday – Give points on the customer’s birthday.
    • Follow/Share on Social Media – Give points when a customer follows you on Instagram.
    • Allow Push Notification – Give points when the customer allows the web push notification

    Supported Rewards 

    • Money Off – A fixed amount discount on the entire order (e.g. $5 off). Help
    • Percentage Discount – A percentage amount discount on the entire order. Help

    Not Supported Rewards 

    • Free Shipping – A Free shipping voucher for your customer
    • Free Product (Voucher) – A 100% discount on a specific product

    Note: The minimum cart amount should be set to $0.

    Minimum purchase amount


    Using AiTrillion within Shopify POS

    It allows you to perform the following two actions

    1. Register new customers into your loyalty rewards program using the Shopify POS app.
    2. Help customers redeem their available loyalty points using the Shopify POS app.

    Register new customer

    Step 1. Click on Customers from the sidebar.


    Step 2. Click on Add new customer button.


    Step 3. Fill the details in the form and click on the save button on the top right corner.


    Now, The customer has been added to the list.

    Once saved, the customer will automatically be “logged in” to the loyalty program. The system gives points to the new customer specified to create an account activity.

    Note:  If the customer’s email is already in your system, you can do a search for it and tap the corresponding name.


    Help customers to redeem their available points

    Step 1. Click on Add customer tile.


    Step 2. Search the customer by name, email, etc, and click on the customer name.


    Step 3. Click on Add tile and choose a product to add to the customer’s cart.


    Step 4. Select a product from the available products.


    Step 5. Click on the Save button on the top.


    Step 6. Click on Add tile and add a new tile for AiTrillion.


    Step 7. Click on App.


    Step 8. Click on AiTrillion.

    Step 9. Select the app under POS App Extensions.

    Step 10. Click on the Save button.


    Step 11. Click on the AiTrillion tile.


    Step 12. Select a discount code that you want to apply.

    Step 13. Click on the action button at the bottom.


    Step 14. The discount will be applied and it looks like this.


    Step 15. Now you can complete the checkout process.

    • The discount will automatically be applied to the cart & the total price will adjust accordingly.
    • The customer’s points balance will automatically be reduced according to the selected discount.

    Note: Delete the applied discount, to give reward points back to the customer if needed.


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