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Make your store ready for BFCM 2020

    Get exclusive engagement strategies on BFCM with AiTrillion.

    Beautiful BFCM ready designs to market to your customers. It includes:

    1. Smart popups to capture leads. Setup from here | Help

    Intelligent Popups to increase customer engagement on store before this holiday season.

    2. Custom offer pop-ups
    Setup from  here | Help
    Display a custom popup such as for registration to capture leads on your store.

    3. Web push messages
    Setup from  here | Help
    You can send bulk web push notifications to all your subscribers and increase your customer engagement this holiday season.


    4. Email Templates
    Setup from  here | Help
    Design beautiful Email templates with powerful email editor on Ai Trillion for this festival season.

    5. Announcement BarsSetup from  here | Help
    Create beautiful announcement bars on your store for Black Friday and holiday sale.


    6. Countdown Offer TimersSetup from  here | Help
    Display a bar with animated countdown timer on your store to let customers know about any offer or Sale.

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