Point Expire Setting

    Automatically expire all points of the customer after a specified period of time from the customer’s last order.

    Point expire is a good way to boost customer engagement in your store, as it encourages customers to use their points before they expired. Follow the below steps to enable point expire setting.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion, go to Loyalty Rewards -> Rewards -> Point Expire Setting


    Step 2.  Click on Enable button to enable it, enter the valid number of days after that you want to expire customers points.


    Step 3. Click on Update Setting button.


    1. Any update in point expiry setting will reset point expire date of all customers. For example, if point expire is set to 90 days. And after 60 days it is reset to 180 days. So it will update for all customers’ point expire date. (including those customers whose points were about to expire in 30 days according to the previous setting)
    2. If the point expires setting is disabled. It will also remove point expire date for all customers. No customer will lose their point if the setting disabled.




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