Quick Loyalty Reward Program Setup

    What is the Loyalty Reward Program?

    Loyalty programs encourage shoppers to return to stores where they frequently make purchases. Some of the incentives may include advanced access to new products, additional discounts or sometimes free merchandise.

    Increase Customer Engagement With Points Based Reward & Referral Program

    •  Activity Rules – Give points to customers for the activity they are performing on the store. Setup from here >>

    a. Create an account (50 points)
    b. Leave a review (20 points)
    c. Share on Facebook Profile (10 points)
    d. Refer a Friend – 50 Points – Referrer will get 50 points and friend will get a discount code of 5% for minimum purchase of $50.
    e. Happy Birthday (20 points)
    f. Allow Push Notification (20 points)
    g. Make a purchase (1 point = $1)

    • Reward –  Give rewards to the customers for the points they have earned on the store. Setup from here >>

    a. 5% Off on 100 points >> Minimum cart value is $50
    b. 15% Off on  200 points >> Minimum cart value is $50


    • Loyalty Widgets – Setup multiple widgets on loyalty program like button, popup, loyalty page etc. Setup from here >>

    a. Button design   Setup from here  |   Help
    b. Popup Panel design   
    Setup from here  |   Help
    c. Loyalty Page design  
    Setup from here  |   Help
    d. Cart widget redeem point   
    Setup from here  |   Help
    e. Setup quick short-codes   Setup from here  |   Help

    • List of short codes available

    a. Points redemption widget
    b. Customer spent points
    c. Customer lifetime points
    d. Customer available points

    • Edit Language – You can easily change the language of every section of the loyalty program for your customers. Use any language or easily change the text as required from here. Change language from here >>  |   Help
    • Tier System setup – Create customer tiers based on the points earned and provide them multiple offers like double the points and different discount options. Setup from here>> | Help
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