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Receive Ai chat notification in your email

    Follow the below steps for guidance –

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion and navigate to Settings >> Ai Chat


    Step 2. Enable the Notify Via Email option so that you can receive emails when someone sends a message.

    Step 3. Save it.


    As per the standard chatbot feature, it identifies that either the customer is writing for the first time or not. If any customer writes a message for the first time then a cookie gets set in his browser so that when he comes again and texts you, the chatbot does not ask the same questions. If he uses any other browser then the same questions can be asked by the chatbot. Now, AiTrillion sends an important email notification for the following chat events in your store.

    a) Ai Chat captured a new lead.

    b) When a customer has initiated the chat.

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