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Recover abandoned cart with automation

    Exclusive features to recover abandoned cart with AiTrillion. An all in one marketing platform to boost your sales.

    Cart abandonment is when an online shopper adds at least one product to their cart and then exits without making a purchase. Abandonment rates are staggeringly high — demonstrating the huge revenue opportunity to win back these shoppers and make a sale.

    For most eCommerce businesses, one of the biggest leaks in their sales and marketing funnel is shoppers who add products to their cart, but then abandon them at checkout. With AiTrillion, please check multiple ways to recover the cart and boost your sales.

    1. Abandoned Cart Email Automation Series Setup from here | Help
    2. Web Push Notifications with Product image Setup from here | Help
    3. Abandoned Cart Pop-ups Setup from here | Help
    4. Sales Motivator Bar to encourage customers Setup from here | Help
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