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How to create email marketing campaigns for Shopify store

    Follow the below steps to send customized bulk emails to all or segmented customers:

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Campaigns

    Send email marketing campaigns in Shopify AiTrillion


    Step 3. Click on the Create Campaign button at the top right corner.

    Create campaign button


    Step 4. DKIM Setting: Make sure your DKIM setting is done to send bulk emails through your email domain. How to Setup DKIM?

    Step 5. Choose Audience: You can choose the specific audience in this section.

    If you want to send an email to All customers then choose segment All.

    Select segment for email marketing AiTrillion Shopify


    If you want to send an email to segmented customers then choose the segment accordingly. How to create a Segment?

    If you want to send an email to a list of customers then choose a list accordingly. How to create a List?


    Note: You can include/exclude a list or segment to send an email campaign to selected or specified customers as per the selection.


    Step 6. After choosing the audience, create or customize your email. AiTrillion’s unique traits, as below, will help you in customizing emails.


    1. Email editor: Using the editor, it becomes really easy to customize emails as per requirements.
    2. Shortcode: Many shortcodes are available for computing and adding dynamic values in emails.
    3. Pre-built templates: Standard pre-built templates are available to select and use.
    4. Email scheduling: Emails can be sent immediately, scheduled for later, and saved as drafts after customization.
    5. Preview emails: Have a look at your customized email by previewing it.
    6. Send test emails: Before proceeding and finalizing the mail, send test emails to get the look and feel of any email.

    Note: You can choose the predefined or saved email templates and messages to send directly.


    A lot more amazing features are available, which can be used while creating campaigns in the app.

    Step 6. Feel free to test your settings by sending a test email. Once done, click Save & Continue to send emails and update settings.

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