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Setup automatic product review request email after fulfillment

    Automatic Product Review Emails

    AiTrillion sends automatic emails and reminders to collect reviews after the order is fulfilled, ensuring a high open and response rate.

    Follow the steps below to send a post-purchase review request email.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion

    Step 2. Go to Product Reviews > Review Email Settings

    Product review email design settings on Shopify


    Step 3. Enable the Review Emails option

    Enable product review emails


    Step 4. Fill in all the details in the email customization field as per requirements and click on the Save button.

    Design automatic product review email template for Shopify AiTrillion


    Note: You can see the preview of your settings on the right-hand side of the review email customization area. Feel free to send a test email from here too!


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