Set up Abandoned Cart Workflow Emails

    Convert your customer’s deep interest in sales by sending the abandoned cart reminder emails and pushes. Remind customers about items they’ve left behind to recapture sales and generate more revenue. This email includes items from the customer’s cart and a quick link to check out.

    Steps for supervision on how you can setup abandoned cart workflow automation:

    Step 1.

    Log in to the app.

    Step 2.

    Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create Workflow.



    Step 3.

    Enter your workflow’s name and select Trigger on Abandoned Cart. Now, click Add New Event located at the top right-hand corner:



    Step 4.

    Add Delay and Message type(Email or Push) accordingly. Suggested delay is in hours or days.


    Step 5.

    Select template Abandoned Cart (when sending Email) & customize it accordingly. Also, keep in mind not to remove shortcode {{cart_date}} from the template as it sends the abandoned cart products in the email.



    Step 6.



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