Installation process from

    As soon as you are registered with AiTrillion the next thing you need to do is to set up the wizard. Follow these stepwise guidelines to set up the AiTrillion wizard.

    Step 1.

    Select Shopify as your e-commerce Platform for connecting the store with the app.



    Step 2.

    Then the next step is to enter the store URL → Click on Next.



    Step 3.

    The next step is to connect and install the Shopify app.



    Step 4.

    After connecting shop, you’ll have to set up below quick wizards mentioned in steps 5, 6, 7 and 8.


    Step 5.

    Set up Loyalty activity rules and rewards 

    From here, you can define the activity points you want to give on the purchase made and accordingly create discounts. Click on Save & Next button to proceed or you can skip this step (If default settings are required). Also, if you skip this step and want to set up loyalty points later then click here.




    Step 6.

    Set up Reviews

    Set up product and site review on your store from here. Also, you can enable or disable the reviews options as per your requirement. Click on Save & Next button to proceed.



    Step 7.

    Set up Ai Box 

    You can set up Ai app also you can change the box icon and color in here else it will appear with default settings. Click on Save & Next button to proceed.



    Step 8.

    Set up Ai Email 

    You can Email fill in the details from here. Click on the Save & Finish button to complete setup or you can skip this step (If default settings are preferable ).




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