Set up app after theme change

    In Shopify, when an app is installed then some code is auto-injected in the theme file which needs to be added after changing the theme. Below are some steps which will help you add the code manually:

    Step 1.

    In one tab, edit the theme in which you want to set up the app. For doing so, from Shopify admin go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.

    Step 2.

    Now, in another tab, edit the theme in which app is already installed and working.

    Example: For a clear understanding, let’s take Boundless a theme in which app needs to be set up and a Venture theme with working Aitrillion app.






    Step 3.

    Create below snippets in the theme Boundless (app set up required)

    • 1. aio-script
    • 2. aio_loyalty_snippet
    • 3. aio_reviewform
    • 4. aio_reviewlist



    Step 4.

    Now, copy the snippet-wise code from the Venture(app already set up) theme and paste it in the theme Boundless (app set up required).







    Step 5.

    After adding all the snippets in the theme correctly, open file theme.liquid in theme Boundless (app set up required) and add below-mentioned code:

    • Search for closing </head> tag in the file and paste the code above it
      {% include 'aio-script' %}
      <script src="//"></script>



    • Search for closing </body> tag in the file and paste the code above it
      {% include 'aio_loyalty_snippet' %}



    Step 6.

    Open file product.liquid under Templates and paste the below code at the end of the file and Save it. This code will display the review form and list on the product page.

    {% include 'aio_reviewform' %}{% include 'aio_reviewlist' %}



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