Set up Loyalty Email Workflow

    Send automatic emails to customers based on their loyalty points. Follow the below steps for setting up:

    Step 1.

    Log in to the app.

    Step 2.

    Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create Workflow.


    Step 3.

    Enter your workflow’s name and select Trigger on Loyalty Points (Greater than equal to) some Number of points. Now, click Add New Event located at the top right-hand corner:


    Step 4.

    Add Delay and Message type(Email or Push).

    Step 5.

    Either choose Loyalty related template (when sending Email) accordingly or customize your own email. Modify loyalty points and content using email editor. Also, you can use shortcodes available.


    Step 6.

    Save. It will send loyalty emails to the customers based on the conditions created.

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