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Send a Manual Web Push Notifications Campaign to Subscribers

    Send a web push notification campaign to all your subscribers easily even if they are not in front of your website.

    This will deliver directly in their mobile/desktop browser.

    Follow the below steps to send quick Web Push Notifications to all customers:

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to the Web Push dashboard.

    Step 3. Click Web Push > Manual Push

    Send Manual web push campaign on Shopify Aitrillion


    Step 4.

    Update the content and image which you want to send in a push message to all customers.
    Once you set up the content, just hit the send button and it will be sent to all customers.

    Note: You can check it by sending a test push notification.

    Send Manual web push campaign on Shopify aitrillion Send Manual web push campaign on Shopify aitrillion


    Select from the exclusive gallery of web push templates in store:

    Web Push Templates Collection for Shopify stores



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