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Setup earn points rules for Loyalty Program

    Earn Points GIF



    Here are some quick steps to set up loyalty earn points.

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2.  Go to Loyalty Rewards > Set up program > Earn Points.

    Earn Points Loyalty Program Shopify


    Step 3. Here, you shall be allowed to set up rules for every activity so that a customer can earn points. When customers perform that specific activity, they will earn the points that you have set up in the rule. To set up the rule, simply click on create rule/edit rule.

    Earn Points - Online Store activities
    Earn Points - Social Engagement Activities



    Step 4.  Click on any activity and you will get a popup to fill in the information about the activity. For ex:


    Loyaty Earn Point Activity settings


    Check more details about – What is Loyalty Rewards Program here.

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