Setup workflow email automation with Product Recommendation

    Send automatic email to the customers with product recommendations after they sign up it includes new arrivals, trending products, and recent view products.

    Step 1.
    Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create.


    Step 2.
    Drag and drop Contact is Added trigger into the canvas


    Now we will send an email containing new arrival products after two days of signup.

    Step 3.
    Add a Delay action node, and customize it for two days delay.


    Step 4.
    Add a Send Email action node and configure its setting to use message with product recommendation.


    Create a customize message using product recommendations in email template to include new arrivals or trending products in email/message.

    Step 5.
    Add one more delay and send email node and configure it to send trending product message. Throttling can be kept default or changed if required. Other filters and actions can also be added in-between as per the requirement. Enable the workflow and save it

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