Show product recommendations in email template

    Feature Overview
    Send product recommendations directly to your customer inbox. Email templates are available for new arrival products, bestseller products, recently viewed products that you can use them to send product recommendations through email.

    There are two ways you can show products in the email.

    1. Using the default template.
    2. Using the product block section.

    Using the default template. 

    Step 1.
    Login to AiTrillion, go to Email Marketing -> Email Template


    Step 2.
    Click on Use Now button below the template which you want to use such as new arrival products, bestseller products etc. Enter template name in the pop up appears.


    It will redirect to template editor page.

    Step 3.
    Update the content of the email, and product block settings as per your needs and click Save Changes button


    Step 4.
    Now your email template with product recommendations is ready to use. You can use it while creating campaign or workflow automation by selecting the created email template from the list.


    Using the product block section.

    Step 1. Go to Email Marketing -> Campaign -> Create new campaign. Refer this article to learn more about campaign.

    Step 2. While writing a message. Hover over existing text block and click on “+” button to add new block.


    Step 3. Select product block and click on add block.


    Step 4. Now choose the products you want to include in the email.

    Following options are available:-

    1. Recent view products
    2. New arrival products
    3. Trending products
    4. Shopify collection products

    Step 5. Edit the layout setting as per your need such as the number of products, button text, choose the image either of product or variant and click on Save changes.

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