Use Predictions for marketing strategy

    Our AI prediction is one of the important features of AiTrillion. It’ll accurately predict the best outcomes which will help you in your marketing and planning. From this report, you can predict products which have the highest probability of being purchased based on different categories mentioned below.

    Our AI engine will engage customers based on the best time.

    Similarly, our AI engine will predict the best day where most of the sales happening at your store.

    Likewise, there is the best price whereby you can craft your pricing strategies based on the products purchased under a particular price range.

    Along with the chances of people buying from your store again followed by zip code, where you can know how many people will be buying from a particular region.

    You can follow the below steps for viewing the predictions using AiTrillion app:

    Step 1.

    Log in to the app.

    Step 2.

    Go to AI Predictions dashboard.

    Step 3.

    From there you can view your predictions and strategize your marketing.


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