Web Push Automation

    Feature Overview

    Web Push now available in Workflow automation. Send push notifications for customer signup, an order placed, order fulfills, loyalty points earned and many more triggers in the platform.

    Follow the below steps to automate web push notification:-

    Step 1. Go to Email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Create.


    Step 2. Drag and drop any Trigger node from the Triggers list such as add Loyalty Point Reached trigger.

    Available triggers are:-

    • Contact is Added.
    • Order Placed
    • Order is Fulfilled
    • Contact is First Seen
    • Contact Last Seen
    • Loyalty Point Reached


    Step 3. Drag and drop the Send Push action node.


    Step 4. Select the template from the list. Refer to this article to learn more about how to create a push template or use existing templates.


    Step 5. Connect the notes, and enable the workflow.



    • For Cart is Abandoned trigger, you can only send generalized push notification from the workflow automation.
    • Use our Abandoned Cart Push Series to send customized push notification based on the product. Setup from here | Help




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