Check Web Push Reports

    Check your web push campaign details and performance through the web push report page. Follow the steps below to check:-

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Web Push > Reports


    Step 3. The reports page contains a list of all web push campaigns sent along with their summary including:-

    1. Total Sent – Total number of web push notifications sent.
    2. Total Impression – Number of subscribers who received push notifications.
    3. Click Rate – Number of subscribers who clicked on the push notification.
    4. Primary Link Click – Number of subscribers who clicked on the primary link i.e. on the notification itself.
    5. Button 1 Click – Number of subscribers who clicked on button 1 of push notification.
    6. Button 2 Click – Number of subscribers who clicked on button 2 of push notification.
    7. Placed Order – Number of  subscribers who placed an order after clicking on a push notification
    8. Total Revenue – Total revenue generated through the push campaign.


    You can search for a specific campaign whose details you want to see, through the available search options or apply a Date Range filter to see campaigns sent on a particular date.


    Step 4. Once the search results are in, to be able to see campaign-specific details, click on the campaign name. You would be able to see your message, its channel, and a report of the sent impressions, click rate, orders created by the push and revenue brought in.

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