Web Push Reports

    Shows your web push campaign performance and revenue generated

    ou can easily check your web push campaign details and performance through web push report page. Follow below steps to check:-

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion, go to Web Push -> Reports page.


    Step 2. Reports page display list of all web push campaign sent along with their summary includes:-

    1. Total Sent – Total number of web push notification sent.
    2. Total Impression – Number of subscribers who received push notification.
    3. Click Rate – Number of subscribers who clicked on push notification.
    4. Primary Link Click – Number of subscribers who click on primary link i.e. on  notification itself.
    5. Button 1 Click – Number of subscribers who click on button 1 of push notification.
    6. Button 2 Click – Number of subscribers who click on button 2 of push notification.
    7. Placed Order – Number of subscriber who placed order after clicking on push notification
    8. Total Revenue – Total revenue generated through push campaign.


    You can search for a specific campaign you want to see details, through search option available or apply a date range filter to see campaigns sent in a particular date range.


    Step 3. Click on a campaign, which you want to see details. It shows

    1. Sent notification – as you sent it to the customers
    2. Went live – When it was sent to customers
    3. Channel – Type of push campaign you sent such as welcome push/schedule push/manual push, abandoned cart push
    4. Report – shows number of push send, impression, click, order count, order amount

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