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Where to add Form Embed code on Shopify Store?

    You can add Embed Codes in 2 different ways:

    1. Iframe Mode

    Step 1. It is easy to add and you can paste the code directly on the page. Get embed code from the dashboard.

    Form embed_code_1

    Step 2. Get the copied code and select a page from the Shopify admin dashboard, where you want to show the form.

    Form embed_code_2

    Step 3. Paste the code in HTML editor of the page and save.

    If you made any changes on the form after adding the Embed code, you don’t need to update the code again.

    Form embed_code_3

    2. HTML Mode

    Step.1 Copy the HTML code of your form from the app dashboard.

    Form embed_code_4

    Step.2 Go to the Shopify admin dashboard and Add or select page.

    Form embed_code_5

    Step.3 Insert HTML code and save the changes.

    Form embed_code_6

    Remember, you will have to copy and paste the HTML code. Whenever you want to make any changes to the same page. Kindly watch this video It will help you to understand “ How to generate HTML code and place in Shopify store“.


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