Moitié Cosmetics was established by Sima Mosbacher, a computer engineer who went on to become the World’s Youngest Female Commercial Pilot at just 20 years old. Sima is a very passionate and talented girl who worked hard to achieve her dream. While preparing for the airline pilot training program she tried many eyelashes extensions and experience enormous natural lash and brow fallout.

“I was facing an extreme lack of confidence. I couldn’t leave the house without drawing on my brows, and I was dependent on salon lash extensions as I had few lashes left from the damage.”

After experiencing failure in finding perfect eyelashes, she created her own brand to give women a real solution that they could apply at home. These lashes have changed many women’s lives and they are loving all the products of Moitié Cosmetics.

Moitié Cosmetics is Peta Certified, 100% Cruelty-Free, and Vegan.

New York Black

Inspired by the city that never sleeps, these New York Black will give you mesmerizing look within a minute. All of these lashes are manufactured with the finest Korean silk fiber by artisans for the best quality and wearability. These eyelashes allow you to customize your look by applying as many or as few segments as you like.  

eye lashes


Dramatic eyelashes to give you a Hollywood look. These long and straight lashes have designed with quality that you can only find in the movie star lashes of Tinseltown. This new collection has an ethereal band to create that natural, beautiful look. 

Rio Lashes

Get a subtle, flirtatious vibe of Brazilians with Rio lashes. This curly but settled lash will give you all that charm that you looking for. The finest Korean silk fiber makes these lashes more durable and allows you to wear them for a long time. 

wide eye lashes

Pro Luxe Refill Kit

This kit is specially curated for all lovely ladies who are looking for the perfect gift for their friends as it comes without the price tag! This kit includes 3 pairs of lash extension segments, 1 bottle of pro lash glue, and 1 jar of pro removal gel.

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Lash Glue & Remover Bundle

Moitié Cosmetics Super Lash Glue and Super Lash Removal Gel. You would need them together, that is why they packed them together to give you ease. All their products consist of natural ingredients which do not cause any harm to your eyes. 


SuperLash Sealant

This unique 10-Day SuperLash Sealant increases the wear of extensions and reduces any tacky trash from a bond. The micro-tip applicator gives a precise application and blends lashes together. This sealant will help increase the wearing time of your lash extensions.

SuperLash Sealant

Crystal Eyelash Curler

This wide crystal eyelash curler is designed to perfectly curl even the fullest extensions. Its handle allows you to make a tight grip while curling your eye extensions.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Wear these Beverly Hills eye lashing and define your eyes beautifully. These lashes not only add volume to your natural lashes but also makes you look beautiful. It is easy to wear these lashes at home with the help of professionals.

Deluxe Starter Kit

Grab all essentials you want here, in this deluxe starter kit. It has everything you need from start to end, to apply, remove and care for your luxurious lash extension. This kit includes 3 sets of lash extensions, which are handcrafted by real lash artists.
Deluxe Starter Kit

Moitié is a French word that means another half. It is our belief that through enhancing your already natural and beautiful self. You do not need to change yourself to be attractive to others, true beauty comes from within. ~Moitié