Mr. Consistent’s cocktails handcrafted in Australia feature only the freshest ingredients. Each of their mixers is handmade with love so that you can drink amazing cocktails wherever you want.

Mr. Consistent cocktail that everyone knows and loves. They have sold over 500,000 margaritas to the people of Australia, and the world!
Their Margarita mixer is the perfect antithesis of sweet and tart, no kettle of sugar in this guy! Simply add your go-to tequila, shake, and serve.

Load up for good cocktails & good times! ⬇️

mrconsistent martini
mrconsistent martini

Mr. Consistent’s passion is to bring you great quality cocktail mixers to make it easy for you to make the drink at your place while enjoying yourself with family and friends.

Making the perfect cocktail at home should be easy, fun and the final result should be something you’re proud of! So Mr. Consistent’s curated a line of glassware and garnish to help ease this process.

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