New Haven is dedicated to providing the highest quality CORRUGATED, PACKAGING, MOVING EQUIPMENT, and CARGO CONTROL available in the market. All their products are designed with innovative engineering perfection and top-of-the-line components.

At New Haven, their highest priority is to provide you with friendly, expert customer service and individualized solutions. For 110 years, they have been the leading source of well-engineered products for the moving industry and are committed to furnishing the most eminent quality equipment and moving boxes at a substantial cost.

“Choose New Haven for the highest quality moving equipment, supplies, packaging, and corrugated designed to meet your professional standards”.


In 1911 David opened the first New Haven store in New Haven, Connecticut, and devoted himself to building safer and smarter ways for movers to move.

New Haven won the “Distinguished Service Award” by the American Moving Association and was presented post-humously with the International Mover’s Association Life Achievement Award in 2017.

In the 1990s, they expanded their distribution of Corrugated and Moving Boxes by adding a vast array of specialty boxes, used not only by household goods and commercial movers but also by international movers and the military.

New Haven is adopting all the new trends to increase customer engagement and serve its customers more effectively. They are working hard to meet our clients’ needs but will always remain passionately focused on their roots to maintain a sense of family with all their customers and earn their trust every day.



New Haven is serving 17 locations nationwide and ready to deliver over 1,000 products designed to meet moving equipment needs. As the nation’s leading provider to the moving industry since 1911, they want to take the guesswork and stress out of your moving experience.

Now, moving to a new place has never been easier with their comprehensive Moving Kits, designed by movers who know what it takes to move comfortably.

Since 1911, our mission has remained unwavering: to provide the most advanced, well-engineered products on the market so that our customers achieve optimal business success. #New Haven

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Moving Equipment Facility


At New Haven, they use both State-of-the-Art and stand the test of time to design their moving equipment. They invented Slip Pruf Dolly over 75 years ago which is still in use today in Moving Vans, Hi-rise office buildings, and commercial warehouses. Two Wheel Dollies will help you move products from small cartons to heavy vending machines safely and without accident.

Their Office Machine Cart provides 32.28 linear feet, making this an optimal size for moving all types of office equipment safely and easily. New Haven’s Library Cart provides 32 linear feet, 25% more than their competition’s, and is the standard Cart for Public Libraries as well as the optimal choice for moving medical records and legal documents.

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First-Ever Company to Utilize Lasers & Robotics in Moving Pad Manufacturing!

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New Haven sells only well-made, consistently reliable packaging materials, and makes them available at economical pricing. Their Newsprint stands out in the industry as the best shielding box to pack the items while moving. Their carton and masking tape can be counted on for strength, resilience, and capacity to securely adhere and stick to surfaces.

New Haven’s cardboard boxes are made to meet the US Military Spec with an ECT specification of 32 – 51 edge crush test and offer various boxes that are double to the triple wall for the most demanding uses.

Moving Boxes

New Haven offers great savings on everything you need to safely and easily wrap, pack and move single or multiple rooms. They are very aware of the huge differences in quality that occur in increased boxes. Although moving boxes may appear simpler, a great deal of engineering and plan goes into the production of ridged material and moving boxes.

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