Scale A Personalized And Relevant Marketing Strategy

Understand your users to deliver relevancy

All fingers are not equal. The requirement of each of your customers will vary. By sending a generic message to all your customers, you risk losing them. Give a touch of personalization to all your customers by dividing them into different segments & delivering relevant messages to your customers in each segment.

What exactly is personalization?

AiTrillion’s personalization platform harnesses real-time data to tailor your entire customer journey — from the acquisition to website visits, and even re-engagement efforts. You can customize message content to specifically target all segments of audiences based on their behavior, location, and lot more.

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Get 1-2-1 and personal with your customers in a message

Every buyer is an individual who expects to be treated uniquely. AiTrillion equips you to create and deliver hyper-personalized messages that are relevant to each customer and orchestrate interactions across any touchpoint.

Personalized marketing at scale

Personalizing each customer’s interaction with your organization should be a top priority. With AiTrillion, you can seamlessly execute customer journeys that create a true connection.

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Increase your conversion rate without breaking a sweat

Customize the experiences of customers you know and new visitors whom you want to know. Increase engagement and conversion rates. It works for your email campaigns and other acquisition channels, so why not personalize the experience just the way your customers demand?

Convert those you don’t know and engage those you do

Personalize your conversations to convert more of your new visitors and develop a deeper relationship with existing customers. When people receive a personalized message, they feel more connected to your brand. Personalized notifications lead to higher conversions.

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