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Dear Shopify eCommerce Business Owners,

I am Manoj Dhanotiya, Founder of (LinkedIn –

The Pain is Growing due to COVID-19 (CoronaVirus). Its impact on businesses has been unexpected and will continue to be multi-faceted. We understand the panic that your eCommerce business may suffer for short & long calls during this tragedy. Our Sellers at Shopify have helped us grow 10 fold for years & have always stood by us. We at & I personally wish to help you all financially to recover the business losses during this crisis. We are giving all Shopify eCommerce owners relaxation from an overloaded budget that they are spending for consumer engagement & marketing MUST HAVE Shopify Apps on their Shopify eCommerce store.

Aitrillion is launching Shopify Apps Emergency Funds on an immediate basis to support & fund the Shopify store app monthly fees which we believe about 70% of store owners are paying about $450 to $5000 per month on 5-6 must-have Shopify apps. Shopify Apps Emergency Funds (SAEF) will fund all sellers on AiTrillion & incoming sellers too, who opt to migrate with us for the next 6months+ for their app subscription fees & we will take care of your business marketing automation requirements without any subscription fee to you. You can save on monthly app charges if you are using & paying for any of these apps like Loyalty Rewards Program, Review Program, Web Push Notifications, Email Marketing Automation, Announcement Bar, Personalization (Trending, New Arrival, Most Sold Products), Live Chat, Smart PopUps, etc. You simply have to switch to & we will not charge you anything for at least the next 6 months. That’s about anywhere from $450/month to $5000+/month of saving for many of the Shopify sellers who use one or many of the apps as subscription fee. For Shopify Store Owners if total app billing is more than $5000/month we appeal to not ask for a waiver unless your business is really in trouble & we will look case by case to help you also by letting go 100% of our margins & fund some more part of it as required.

We urge you to use these savings to take care of yourself, your family & the neighborhood in case if you don’t need it but won’t be paying to as part of the program.

Most businesses are auto qualified to subscribe & get started immediately. You can go to right away, signup & connect your store for free. Rest assured we will not charge your card for the next 6 months+ & help you recover & build the business. We will assess after six months & already planning to cover until the end of BFCM 2020 with the help of sellers across the platform. Our support team is ready to help you migrate to absolutely free plans for 6+months – simply email them at

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