SWAZI is a Levin, New Zealand-based company focussed primarily on high-performance, technical gear. It is known for its high quality and longevity of life. SWAZI is made by passionate people who live close by – so close by that many of them walk to work every day.

SWAZI designs the world’s most long-lasting outdoor clothing for use on the farm, out hunting, outdoors, or where ever you choose life to take you. In 1994, Swazi began its adventure. A trapper by trade, Davey Hughes and his then-wife Maggie started the company after a wreck in the skin market.

Now, Swazi has become much more than a clothing company. Its been 26 years, Swazi gained huge respect around the globe, not only for apparel but also for its work on environmental issues, social justice, and promotion of adventure.

The Swazi commitment to continue to bring you innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting, and Outdoor Leisure clothing, but also promises to make the voice of the outdoors heard.

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