, located in Beacon, NY. They’re local hemp growers who launched The Leaf NY in July 2019. They specialize in CBD and hemp products. The small, committed team of family and friends with a combined total of over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. The goal of The Leaf is to provide you with the highest quality hemp CBD products and the education you need to get the most benefit from them.

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The Leaf NY is a  part of the US Department of Agriculture’s industrial hemp research program and harvested its first crop in the Hudson Valley this year. From body care to clothing, their sustainable hemp products can make a big difference in people’s lives. Also, Whenever you purchase The Leaf NY CBD tincture, they will donate $5.00 for each 1000mg and $2.50 for each 500mg bottle to New England Veterans Alliance (NEVA).

“All Leaf NY’s products come with a disclaimer that they should be used ONLY as directed on the label. Their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure OR prevent any disease”.

Leaf NY’s Loyalty Program

Leaf NY using AiTrillion’s loyalty program to delight its customers. Customer loyalty programs are proven practices for growing and sustaining business in the competitive market. It plays a vital role in building up customer loyalty and their experience with the brands and ultimately takes you to new heights of success.

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The Softgels capsules of Leaf NY contain MCT oil and full-spectrum hemp oil. Each capsule contains 25mg, encased in a bovine gelatin capsule. Each Softgel contains 15 capsules per package. Softgels are best to take while on the go.

natural herbal product shop offers exclusive offers to military people. Once you have validated your veteran’s ID through VerifyPass you will be eligible to receive a 30% discount online or in-store.

The hemp oil of Leaf NY is sublingual on its own and usually has a sour taste, which can make taking them unpleasant. With their Formula One, made for daytime use, they sweeten the flavor with natural terpenes.

The formula has traces of pomegranate and orange to give your daily dose a tropical twist. Formula One is made with Leaf NY’s full-spectrum, organic hemp extract, MCT oil, natural terpenes, and natural flavors.