Do you often feel tired of not outgrowing sales? Have you experienced store visitors who never make any purchase? A lot of times people often come to check the latest trends instead of purchasing online. In lieu of this, you tend to feel frustrated about not being able to retain customers. Say, for instance, Marie Claire visits your e-store not to buy; instead, she prefers to check out the latest trends and explore the range of products. Several customers, like Marie, have done exactly the same. Between the lines, the pressure of conversions is hitting you hard. You must hack the code for the right eCommerce marketing. There are apps that are growth-focused, driving brands with ways to engage and convert leads into loyal customers.


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Get a smarter all-in-one marketing platform offering the best Shopify eCommerce features to grow your business exponentially. When it comes to turning your audience insights into seamless marketing plans we recommend:

  • Know more about your people. That way you can be smarter with your eCommerce marketing strategies.
  • With streamlined analytics and customer segmentation, all your audience data is put in one place. And then, you’re all set to create content that your customers will enjoy the most.
  • Said above, you need tools to gain customer engagement and retention.

Make your customers addicted to your e-shop with AiTrillion, an all-in-one marketing platform for your eCommerce store on Shopify! We aim to save your time & money by keeping people who love your brand from falling through the cracks.

Take a quick read of the top 7 Shopify features:


1. Enhance Order Frequency

Did you know that 42% of Americans will stop shopping with a brand that they are loyal to after just two bad experiences?
You needn’t struggle with order frequency dropouts anymore!

With AiTrillion’s loyalty rewards, you get retention through incentives. We make consumers feel appreciated by giving them ‘surprise & delight points’ at every step from creating an account, visiting the store, following on social platforms, mentioning birthdays, referring a friend and more! With advanced features for enterprises like snippets for current point status, Cart Point Redeem and advance customer analytics AiTrillion boost your customer’s engagement, repeat customer rate, and purchase frequency.


2. Deep Customer Insights

Looking for intuitive eCommerce? With AiTrillion you compel maximum customer retention and customer quality through personalized marketing campaigns, driven by exclusive customer timeline and analytics providing you better customer insights.

  • Get valuable insights into customer timeline & purchase behavior
  • Easy to use customer segregation across your email and push notification campaigns
  • Gain an edge over your competitors with AiTrillion’s advanced granular customer analytics.


3. Predictions & Custom Audience

How are you supposed to increase your customer base and sell more without pulling an extra effort into your sales initiatives?

  • Drive customer engagement intelligently through predictive analysis.
  • Build profiles of customers centric to their behavior and habits.
  • Predict what people need or why they like should buy a particular product.
  • Track shifts in their needs and the likelihood of events.
  • To set up proper conversion rate benchmarks for your online store we must know what the current visitors are doing. You can target your customers based on distinctive attributes including the time of visiting the store or making a purchase, specific days, color and catalog segmentation. Say, for example, your customers are looking for a bunch of Valentine roses specific to the color red. You can track and read their minds & preferences offering exactly similar alternatives through predictions.

4. Retain Your ‘Best Customers’!

End communication silos and go beyond Email marketing with workflow automation. And that’s because automating your backend eCommerce workflow increases efficiency and above all your revenues. AiTrillion brings converts first time visitors into loyal customers using Push + Workflow integration; a unique feature that no other platform offers. Cut down on delays, setbacks, costs and squash customer satisfaction with AiTrillion’s effective workflow automation capabilities by –

  • Getting in touch right away with Email auto-responders.
  • Set up email automation to your interested leads to paying customers with welcome and sign-up series.
  • Perfect your bond with customers by sending emails on special occasions.
  • Save up to 72% of the cost on Shopify monthly billing and much more!

5. Personalized Emails to Win Back Customers

Is your store an Ai Powered Smart Store?
Help your customers see the value in your store and send personalized recommendations with the unmatched capabilities of our services. Each customer is unique, thus their requirements vary. You don’t want to be losing them. We at AiTrillion harness real-time data to tailor your entire customer’s journey. All you need to do is send customized messages to specifically target all segments of audiences based on their behavior, location/zip code, buying preferences and much more.


6. Chat Bot & Personalization

You can always engage and acquire your customers by not letting them wait while you get back to them with answers promptly on ChatBot. Besides, while you harness data in real-time, you can customize message content to specifically target all segments of audiences. Every individual buyer expects to be treated uniquely. Here is how AiTrillion pitches a hyper-personalized 1-to-1 message that is relevant to each customer.


7. Offer Incentives to Share Reviews

While 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase, AiTrillion turns your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A. We let you build trust and credibility by encouraging customer’s to share reviews by providing them with loyalty rewards and benefits alike.

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