O2 Tactical is a research and design team devoted to supplying military and law enforcement with the best respirators. Their core purpose is to ensure you can defend yourself without compromising performance. O2 Tactical work day in, day out with Tier 1 elite operators and subject matter specialists to accomplish this mission. They are the number one choice of military and law enforcement when it comes to defusing hazardous airborne particles.

At O2 Industries, we applied our experience in premium respiratory protection and started O2 Tactical. @protectthefighter 

Official Respirator of the UFC

O2 Industries is a Canadian respiratory protection company Established in 2014. It started with a passion to make a difference in people’s lives and a desire to improve air quality around the world. Their innovative respirators shield you from harmful particles, so you can breathe more comfortably, feel more salubrious, and deliver your best.

The TR2 has many powerful and exciting features, from filtration to integration. Together, these features make a best-in-world, respiratory solution.

Excellent design and hands-on research are core beliefs at O2 Tactical.

Respiratory protection is preventing leakage.

The TR2’s filtration system is designed with innovative, swappable cartridges.

TR2 can fit various head sizes and easily connect with the most protective headwear.

The TR2’s accessory tube allows you to use your Invisio® headsets using a two-pin mic wire.

Military & Law Enforcement Applications
Military & Law Enforcement Applications

O2 Industries partnered with former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Georges St-Pierre, to develop a fitness respirator.

O2’s engineering team is inventing the mask to provide defense from airborne particles, viruses, dirt particles, fungus, and bacteria. The fitness mask will be examined by Georges St-Pierre in high-intensity situations to assure fit, durability, comfort, and breathability for wear during vigorous physical activities.

o2 tactical

“We are engineers, designers, veterans, and industry experts. Our friends, family, and comrades have suffered from chronic and acute lead poisoning. Our finest deserve better.”O2 Tactical

original Tactical Respirator.
original Tactical Respirator.
The Official Respirator of the UFC

“O2’s partnership with Georges St-Pierre, considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, will allow us to build, test, and deliver a category-leading fitness respirator that allows active people to train and compete safely and comfortably,” Peter Whitby, CEO of O2 Industries.

Official Respirator of the UFC