What’s new in AiTrillion

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Apr 15 2020

Export Campaign Report

New export feature is available in the campaign report. Just export in CSV format to check and analyze it 

Apr 6 2020

Recommendation layout setting

Now set up the new arrival, trending products, recent view tab in your store with more flexible design. There are different settings available to set the font, size to best fit in your store.

Mar 27 2020

Email Dashboard

Get a single view of the email report with total click and revenue generated by all your email marketing. Get the latest email marketing list and email automation currently working with respect to your store activities. 

Mar 20 2020

Smart Popup Dashboard

Get a single view of the smart popup report and list of available popups. Create a single click popup with different most popular available smart popup template

Mar 14 2020

Smart Popup Tracking

Analyze how your popup is interactive with your customers by get the report of click and revenue report of each popup available on the store.

Mar 14 2020

Smart popup templates

Launched a more enhanced smart popup ready to use template with all features. Just use the template and drive more traffic to your store with different interactive popup options

Mar 6 2020

Reviews carousel

Now show the latest and featured Reviews Carousel in a customizable way to feature reviews on any stage along the customer journey, for example, on the homepage, product page, collection page, or even landing pages. This helps you to showcase your best reviews to your customer while browsing the site.

Mar 2 2020

Push Flyout widget

Now as a shop owner you have the chance to convert every visitor on your store, the Flyout Widget allows you to show a custom message to your visitors, which asks them to subscribe to your notifications.

Feb 25 2020

AiTrillion Review

As review request emails are rendered differently across various browsers, devices, and email clients, now AiTrillion offers the ability to choose the type of review request form-type you wish to display to your customers.

New Review Submission Settings allow you to choose between the following form-types:

  • Auto-optimize
  • In-mail form
  • Landing Page
Feb 2 2020

AiTrillion Segmentation

Personalize your emails based on the segmentation and powerful predictions. Crisper and cleaner segmentation makes it easy to customize your message and send targeted emails to the right customer at the right time Read More

Jan 28 2020

AiTrillion More enhanced workflow

With built-in workflow, you can now automate your email and can easily schedule smarter email to your target audiences based on their interaction on the website Read More

Jan 14 2020

Optimization and boost up the speed

Optimize the script to give a breakthrough for the website.Use AiTrillion with this brisk 

Dec 2 2019

AiTrillion POS

AiTrillion now supports the Shopify Point of Sale (POS) system, Now use the Loyalty program in POS of your shop. Read More

Nov 28 2019

Push Report from workflow

Now check the detailed graphical push report with impression and sales revenue. Read More

Nov 26 2019

Newsletter subscription

Now let your customer subscribe for different newsletters and offers. Read More

Nov 23 2019

Push Automation

Push now available in Workflow automation. Send push notifications now for customer signup, an order placed, order fulfills, loyalty points earned and many more triggers in the platform. Read More

Nov 21 2019

Social media information in emails

Now just add your social media information in the profile section, so it will be available in all your emails where you will add social media link. Read More

Nov 21 2019

Push Template

Ready to use push template for different offers. Read More

Nov 19 2019

Product Share From Review Widget

Now you can share the product URL on social media based on the review provided by the customer. Read More

Nov 18 2019

Show/Hide Announcement Bar In Desktop

The user has an option to hide an announcement bat in desktop view also, along with the mobile view. Read More

Nov 15 2019

New Email Templates For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale

Create and send beautiful emails to your customers this holiday season with our pre-built BFCM templates. Read More

Nov 14 2019

Product Images Option In Collection Email

Added new option to choose the image either of product or variant in the emails. Read More

Nov 12 2019

Specify The Number Of Reviews To Be Shown In Product/Site Review Gallery Page

Users can specify the number of reviews to be shown per page in the Product/Site Review Gallery Page. Ream More

Nov 9 2019

Allow User To Add Custom URL For The Facebook Share

Users can add a custom URL for the “Facebook share” activity. Read More

Nov 6 2019

More Enhanced Customer Timeline

Provide more detailed information of the customer with a tab view Read More

Nov 2 2019

Stop Giving Loyalty Points On Gift Cards

Give loyalty points for “Make a Purchase” activity to the customers based on the amount they actually paid, removing the gift card amount. Read More

Oct 28 2019

Abandoned Cart Popup

Smart popups for abandoned cart Read More

Oct 25 2019

Behavior-Based Popup

Behavior-based popup for product and site review. Read More

Oct 22 2019

Announcement Bar Automation

Now schedule your start and end time for bars to hide automatically after the campaign complete. Read More

Oct 16 2019

Countdown Bar

Exclusive countdown timer launch Read More

Oct 12 2019

Targeted Push

Schedule your push messages for holidays and sales season. Read More

Oct 7 2019

Loyalty Based Segment

Loyalty based segment for earn point. Send an automatic email or push if a customer reaches X points. Read More

Oct 4 2019

Loyalty Points Expire

Now you can set automatic expiry of loyalty points if the customer didn’t place an order for any specific timeframe. Read More

Sep 30 2019

Notify Customer About Theme Change

You will get a notification email from AiTrillion if the theme gets changed. Read More

Sep 25 2019

Deactivate Customers (Domain Suppression)

Now you can add Shopify Collection products in the emails to inform the customers.
Make customers inactive if you want to exclude them from sending any future emails.
Note: You will not be charged for inactive members. If an inactive customer makes a purchase, they become active again. Read More

Sep 16 2019

Shopify Collection Products In Emails

Now you can add Shopify Collection products in the emails to inform the customers Read More

Sep 12 2019

Product Recommendation In Emails

New arrival products in emails

Now you can add new arrival products in the emails to inform the customers about the latest products Read More

Trending products in emails

Now you can add new arrival products in the emails to inform the customers about best-selling products Read More

Recently viewed products in emails

Now you can add recently viewed products in the emails to inform the customers about the best selling products Read More

Sep 4 2019

Product Recommendation

New Arrival Products

  1. New arrival widgets on the different pages.
  2. Revenue tracking to know the interest of new arrivals.
    Read More

Trending Products

  1. Best selling widgets on the different pages.
  2. Revenue tracking to predict customer choice.
    Read More

Recent View

  1. Recent View widgets on the different pages.
  2. Revenue tracking to predict customer purchasing behavior.
    Read More
Aug 30 2019

Announcement Bar

Announcement Bar

Announcement bar to provide different offers and promotions on the website. Read More

Time Bar

Time bar to run away offer for a specific time period. Read More

Sales Motivator Bar

Sales motivator bar to engage or promote customer for a specific purchase goal. Read More

Cookie Bar

Cookie bar to get explicit consent to collect customer data. Read More

Aug 28 2019

Import Customers

Launched the import customer CSV directly in the AiTrillion to engage more customers by different channels of AiTrillion. Read More

Aug 26 2019

Group the Customers

Group your customers in the different lists to target for a special campaign and to know their activity for your eCommerce store. Read More

Aug 23 2019


More enhanced workflow with simple drag and drop features. Where you can create automation of emails at N levels based on different activity. Read More

Aug 12 2019

Email Revenue Report

Get the outflow with each individual email series in terms of statics and revenue to plan your next business decision. Read More

Aug 8 2019

Pricing Calculator

Easy driven price calculator to get the estimation on a click.

Aug 5 2019

Push Widgets

User-friendly widgets to give a robust user experience to the customers using sleek widgets and maintain your brand voice. Educate the user to allow the push by a simple over information. Read More

Aug 1 2019

Allow Push Activity in Loyalty

Give points to your customers if they push to get your offers on the fly. Read More

Jul 25 2019

Import Review with Images

More seamless integration of review module by importing images available with the reviews. Read More

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