Workflow Automation


Automate Your Marketing Efforts With Email and Web Push Notifications

Streamline your communications and make sure your customers get the right emails at the right time. Send behavior- triggered and data-driven automated emails to achieve great success.


How Does Automation Works?

A well-planned message series is a base of email marketing automation as it’s based on predefined triggers and actions. These triggers are basically set up around the customer’s behavior and their information. Subsequently, an action takes place whenever a customer meets the triggers rule.


How AiTrillion Workflow Automation Fits Into the Pitcher?

AiTrillion workflow automation helps you engage your customers with personalized and behavioral-based emails. Our automation capabilities allow you to send email series based on customers’ activities. From onboarding to nurturing and re-engagement to retention, you can comprise automated emails at every step of customers.


Easy To Use Editor

Drag and Drop Email WorkFlow Editor

Customizable workflow templates help you design email series based on customer interaction with your online store. Build an action flow, define your message and triggers, and let your campaign do the rest.

Nurture and Engage Your Contact List

Welcome, incentivized, engage, and retain your customers with the right set of email triggers. Leverage segmented workflow email series and send highly personalized content to engage your customers and turn them into your loyal customers.


Centralized Customer Profile

Harness The Power Of Customer Interaction

Utilize the power of customer interaction with your store in designing the customer purchase journey. Each customer interaction holds powerful insights that can use to send email series, popups, and offering reward points.

Track Conversions To Measure Success

Measure your campaign performance with real-time reports from the number of sent, opened, clicked to order amount. See all your data in one place. Real-time reporting provides you with the valuable information you need to improve your campaigns, track your performance over time, understand the preferences of your audience to make smart marketing decisions.

Manage, Automate, and Optimize – Get More Done In Less Time!

Set up a welcome series, find your most engaged contacts, capture information from other platforms, and eliminate time-consuming manual processes to get things done fast.

Pre Designed Email Workflows For Your Store

Get more done in less time!


Accomplish Your Marketing Goals with AI-Powered Marketing Automation

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