Workflow Automation

Save Time With Automation
Save time with automation
Eliminate time-consuming manual process and get things done fast without doing the work every time with automation.
Trigger Automation
Drive growth with trigger automation
Increase productivity and make more money with automation even when you sleep, by seeing more sales, more conversations that too without more effort.
Personal Connections
Create personal connections
Add a personal touch with automated messages and strengthen customer loyalty.

Pre Designed Email Workflows For Your Store

Accelerate your sales with our pre-designed eCommerce workflows in the store. These tailor-made workflows are built
to provide you with a starting point using preselected elements without putting extra efforts simply reuse and shoot these emails
in automation.

post purchase
Abandoned Cart Series
Send automatic multiple emails on customer cart abandoned, product abandoned or checkout abandoned from your store.
Welcome Series
Welcome Series
Never miss to make a great first impression every time you get a new subscriber, greet them with a warm welcome, offers or your bestseller product emails.
Post Purchase
Post Purchase
Your customers shouldn’t be in the dark after they place an order. Follow up with them again to keep them interested.
Win Back Customer
Win Back Customer
Bring back the customers on your store from whom you haven’t heard from in a while and turn them Into loyal customers.
Loyalty Points
Loyalty Point Series
Engage your customers and make them happy by reminding to redeem the Reward points and grow your sales at the same time.
Recently Viewed
Recently Viewed Product
This useful feature provides the merchants to show ‘recently viewed products’ to their customers when they return again to the store.

Make today the day you start with automation

Put a stop to wasting time on manual work process by creating high impact, timely automation based on customer lifetime value, lifecycle stage, brand loyalty, and more. Free up your time for what matters with Ai automation. Set up your customized automated email flows once, then sit back and relax and watch your sales skyrocket.

Ai automation
Channels In Workflow Automation

Multiple Channels in Workflow Automation

Connect with your customers through multiple channels of workflow automation. At AiTrillion you can not only send emails to your customers but also you can send them web push notification and SMS.

Better reporting for better performance

Now easily measure your campaign performance with real-time reports from the number of sent, opened, clicked to order amount see all your data in one place. Real-time reporting provides you with the valuable information you need to improve your campaigns, track your performance over time, understand the preferences of your audience to make smart marketing decisions.

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