At Camera Ready Cosmetics, beauty experts are dedicated to create an appealing beauty shopping experience and stimulate fearlessness in the society. Through their continued expertise, and innovation, Camerareadycosmetics encourages customers to explore the cosmos of beauty and wellness with ease.

Camera Ready Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by Makeup Artist Mary Erickson.It was her dream to have a pro makeup showroom, a place for artists to play with professional products without the typical makeup store attitude. She can’t stand going into a store where the owners and employees think they’re doing the customer a favor by being there.

They’ve narrowed their products down to the best of the best. At Camera Ready Cosmetics, they have chosen the brands that respect and formulate their products for artists. You won’t find them in high end malls and we don’t wear matching brush belts. However, they treat their customers with respect.


If you want to play with products for a few hours and buy nothing, that’s O.K… come in and play! store is your playground.

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The Core Values that Built Camera Ready Cosmetics


1)    Genuinely care about people first. You can’t fake caring–it doesn’t work. The customers and the business will follow.

2)    Communicate with people knowing that you’re dealing with someone’s mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, or child.

3)    Treat customers and your team members like you want to be treated.

4)    Be humble. Live like everything you have could disappear tomorrow… because it might.

5)    Everyone is awesome at something. Keep moving until you find out what that is and help others find what that is for themselves.

6)    Embrace change. Change is what moves us forward and keeps us in front.

7)    Move like a race horse. Don’t look back at the competition–it will slow you down.

8)    Be fearless. We lead and we blaze the trail. It’s harder than drafting but it’s more rewarding and a lot more fun!

9)    Stay honest in everything you do. Live with integrity. We want a team of people who respect themselves because they’ve earned it.

10)  Make mistakes, learn from them, and keep moving forward. If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t doing much. Every mistake is a lesson. Admit it, ponder it, study it, analyze it, learn from it, and then file it away.

11)  Be a problem-solver. If there’s a boulder in your path decide if you’re going to go around it, over it, or through it. Don’t just stand there waiting for it to move. Never let grass grow under your feet.


“If you are looking for a product and you don’t find it here it’s because we have something better. Just ask us!”


Today, their team of beauty industry veterans work together to curate the best quality products on the market. They partner with brands who respect the industry and formulate products for true working artists.  There the list of their best selling products Catch Now!



Established in 2003, Camera Ready Cosmetics is a leading professional beauty retailer, offering more than 150+ professional makeup and beauty brands for artists, stylists and beauty professionals around the world.  

From quality brands like Danessa Myricks, Kiehl’s, RCMA, Viseart, Ben Nye, Kevyn Aucoin and more, to a professional team that is ready to assist, they offer you the very best pro beauty experience. Visit today, and Shop Like A Pro.

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About The Founder!


As a makeup artist, photographer and entrepreneur, Danessa Myricks has mastered the art of perfect makeup application and the ability to capture it flawlessly on camera. Her unparalleled skillsets and charming personality have catapulted her name and brand into the worldwide spotlight.

Danessa’s artisanal brand was developed with the notion that makeup is art and the world of beauty should be inclusive of every woman. Camera Ready’s thoughts align with that vision.

Having been in the makeup artist industry for over 30 years, Mary knows quality and value and understands what an artist needs. She’s chooses only what she would use on set.

The Camera Ready team is flooded year round with requests to try new products, up-and-coming brands, and “miracle-working” cult favorites. They choose only best quality products that’s a reason “Pretty Women” love it.