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11+ Customer Engagement Features to Boost Sales

Drive eCommerce Growth by Maximizing
Customer Engagement and Sales

All-powerful marketing features to grow your eCommerce business


Everything You Need To Drive Long Term
Is At One Place

From Email design to Automation emails, get all the tools you need to create exclusive email campaigns


Emails that you Need for Higher Engagement

Create personalized and professional-looking emails with AiTrillion’s robust email marketing automation feature to increase your open and click rate.

  • Drag and drop editor to create campaigns with dynamic blocks.
  • Pre-built beautiful templates to start your email marketing.
  • Powerful segmentation to improve your targeting.
  • Built-in workflows to automate your email marketing.
  • Integration of email marketing with other powerful customer engagement features.
  • Tracking and evaluating email marketing statistics.


Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor

email marketing
loyalty reward program


Increase Customer Lifetime Value with a Loyalty Rewards Program

Motivate your customers by giving them more reasons to return to your store. Use loyalty points to encourage repeat purchases and increase customer engagement.

  • 16+ activity rules to motivate valuable customers.
  • Reward your customers for the points they earned.
  • Inbuilt refer-a-friend feature to acquire new customers.
  • Tier system to strengthen connections with your top customers.
  • Send automatic emails and web push.
  • Automatically expiry of points if not used within the specified time.
  • Shopify POS enabled.




Harness the Power of Customers’ Words

Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A with AiTrillion AI-Powered solutions.

  • Collect reviews with post-purchase emails, web push, and popups.
  • Send automated reminder emails.
  • Q&A feature to allow customers to directly ask a question.
  • Create a exclusive review page and provide exclusive widgets.
  • Encourage customers to leave a review by giving loyalty points.
  • AiTrillion provides google snippet integration.


Yotpo,, Power reviews

review collection


Convert your Visitors to Customers

Reach customers even when they are not in your store by delivering push messages directly to their mobile or desktop.

  • Welcome push notifications to make your customers feel special.
  • Abandoned cart push notifications to reach out to your lost customers.
  • Schedule web push notifications for offers, or festive greetings.
  • Back in stock notifications to retain your customers.
  • Price drop alert notifications to shout out if you drop prices.
  • Pre-built exclusive push template gallery.
  • AiTrillion web push is integrated with workflow series.


Pushowl, Pushengage


Grow and Connect with customers Faster than Ever

AiTrillion helps you to connect to the right person at the right time in the right place.

  • Personalized live chat support to built strong relationships.
  • Automatic notifications via email.
  • Easy to customize chat widget to match the look and feel.


Turn Early-Stage Visitors into Leads

AiTrillion’s timely, creative, user-friendly popups can solve your ill-timed irritating popup problems and at the same time increase the conversion rate.

  • Grow your email list with the help of a newsletter signup popup.
  • Gain lost customers by showing the smart popups.
  • Custom popups to show offers, promotions, & other important info.
  • Pre-built exclusive popup templates.
  • AiTrillion gives you the flexibility to change the display settings.


Drive sales with a Dynamic Announcement Bar!

Get the attention of your potential audience with automated announcement bars like countdown timer bars, sales motivator bars, cookie bars to drive more sales.

With AiTrillion, create announcement bars your visitors and customers will love.

  • Increase sales by turning website visitors into loyal customers.
  • Eye-catching pre-built templates to flaunt your offers.
  • Schedule announcement bar with a start date and end date.
  • Easy to display wherever the shortcode is posted.
  • Dashboard to track clicks and sales.
workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Get More Done in Less Time

Focus on your other important work and let us reach and convert your customers by automating messaging across all channels.

  • Combine 11+ multiple channels using AiTrillion automation.
  • Pre-designed workflows to make your life easier.
  • Split and branch your emails and push notifications within a workflow.
  • Organize contacts into different lists.
  • Dashboard to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Make More Influencers Today

AiTrillion affiliate marketing program allows affiliates to promote products and services in many ways and detailed stats reports to track overall commissions.

  • Launch an affiliate program based on cart price rules.
  • Set specific commission type.
  • Configure discounts and payout requirements.
  • Ready to use promo materials.
  • Single dashboard to monitor details.
  • Mobile optimized front end.
Affiliate marketing
customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Deliver Unique Experience with Segmentation

With AiTrillion, target your customers with personalized messages based on their shopping behavior to increase conversion rates. AiTrillion offers 70+ segmentation filters to help you pass the right message to the right customer.

  • Behavioral segmentation is based on their shopping habits.
  • Automatically update segments in real-time.
  • Show customers, you care with inch-perfect personalization.
  • Make the best use of your data by utilizing it to the fullest.

Reports and Analytics

Know What’s Best for you with Actionable Insights

Increase response rates and ROI by contacting the right customers with highly relevant offers and messages.

  • Understand graphical patterns to make better decisions.
  • Customer-level reporting without a halt in a single dashboard.
  • Get meaningful insights from the barrage of customer data.
  • Enable multidimensional analysis in one shot.
reports and analytics
Shopify pos

Shopify POS

Make your Customer Experience Unforgettable with Shopify POS

AiTrillion now supports the Shopify Point of Sale (POS) system. Create a centralized Shopify rewards program across your online store. You can give reward points in the following conditions –

  • When a customer creates an account.
  • When someone makes a purchase.
  • When a customer leaves a review.


Build a Customer Relationship with Personal Touch

Make all your customers feel special by offering a one-on-one experience to them. Tailor your content based on customers’ mood to drive more sales.

  • Personalize your marketing campaign with actionable insights.
  • Welcome every visitor with a personalized touch.
  • Seamlessly create customized forms.
  • Increase customer engagement with smart behavioral triggers.
loyalty rewards

Ai Box

Convert Store into AI-Powered Smart Store

AiTrillion gives you a unique feature where you get access to a variety of convenient options to engage your customers in one place. It increases customer engagement by placing everything in one box like-

  • Loyalty rewards
  • Reviews
  • Newsletter box
  • Recommended products

Customer Timeline

Track the Entire Customer Journey at One Place

AiTrillion keeps the record of the customer journey by enabling businesses to keep an eye on them. It helps to acquire, retain, and engage customers for better customer management.

  • Track Customer’s history with context from every interaction.
  • Centralized customer interaction.
  • Easy collaboration with customers across multiple channels.
  • Boost customer experience like never before.
customer timeline
product recommendation

Product Recommendations

Drive Sales with Personalized Product Recommendations

AiTrillion Product recommendations allow sellers to automatically import the top-selling or newest products into campaigns and send automated email series for better conversion rates.

  • Help buyers discover your products by showcasing exactly what they want based on – New arrivals, trending products, and recently viewed.
  • Craft recommendations by displaying upsell and cross-sell products on your product and cart pages.
  • Build a personalized experience for your customers with customizable recommendation widgets. You can add widgets on home, collection, products, blogs, and cart pages.

AiTrillion is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required.

(But if you just can’t let go of your favorite tools, we play nice with them, too. 😊)


Customer Engagement

AiTrillion creates a roadmap by enhancing customers’ journey which drives more engagement & boosts revenue.

Customer Retention

AiTrillion focuses on engaging customers by multiple touch-points on your store which results in a hike of redemption rate.

Save Money

AiTrillion provides you all must-have tools at one place at a much lesser cost which is cross integrated and Save up to 75% on your Shopify app monthly billing.

Make Consumers Feel Appreciated

Smart brand thanks to its customers with appreciation emails & incorporating “surprise and delight” points or rewards for special occasions such as a customer’s birthday.

Increase in Sales

By personalizing the consumer shopping experience through gathered data, make better suggestions to your customers, which will increase the chances, that the customer will purchase a suggested product.

Gather Valuable Data

AiTrillion gathers all your data and gives you deep customer insights based on the activities performed and actions taken.

Better Communication

Aitrillion provides multiple touchpoints for better communication and personalized interaction. By matching purchase dates, you can email relevant customers about a recalled product instead of sending out a generalized email which will be ignored.

Attract New Customers

Good Reward program attracts new customers in several ways. On each activity incentivize customers with points and offer to redeem them. Which will automatically lead to add new customers to the email list, simply because customers want to take advantage of discounts.

Increase Repeat Purchase

AiTrillion helps you increase repeat purchases and customer lifetime value with a loyalty rewards program and loyalty points that give customers more reasons to return to your store.
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