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Gym, Wellness and Spa

Gym, Wellness and Spa

E-commerce marketing for wellness centers, gyms, and spas

Increase signups. Improve client engagement. All with multichannel automation.

Segment right on target

  • Target messaging based on current health trends, and consumer data.
  • Utilize multiple marketing channels including SMS, web push, and emails to share:
    – Exclusive wellness tips.
    – Seasonal package deals.
    – Discount vouchers and promotions.
  • Gently nudge clients based on the segments to easily upsell or cross-sell any product or service.
  • Share special promotional codes and vouchers with your most loyal clients.

Boost customer acquisition

  • Custom forms provide an effortless way for prospects to engage based on the data.
  • Recommend the correct product at the appropriate time to convert visitors rapidly.
  • Automate messages—customizing with conditions like you may like, and cart value to grab their attention.
  • Collect real-time feedback and reviews from visitors and offer them additional rewards.

Build long-term retention

  • Collect and display customer reviews as social proof that inspires people to stay.
  • With smart recommendation popups, you can keep customers’ attention and help them make quick decisions.
  • Create personalized consumer relationships through SMS marketing, and optimize each interaction.
  • Design and implement intelligent workflow automation to motivate and engage customers.

Reporting and analytics

  • The dynamic dashboard provides a unified view, offering pre-built reports of the factors propelling your business growth:
    – Identify the top revenue channel.
    – Recognize growth module and strategize accordingly.
    – Analyze results for each audience.
  • A unified view of key business metrics with analytics to save time and effort.
  • Get a real-time view of your active app users, engaged sessions, and conversions across all of your channels.
  • Analyze each channel’s performance, identify pain points, and make data-driven decisions.

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