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Workflow Automation

Email & Web Push Workflow Automation

With AiTrillion, it becomes easier than ever to connect with the people at the right time through the right channel. Workflow Automation helps you add a personal touch to all your communications by eliminating manual processes. Reach and convert your customers by automating messaging across all channels.

Setup Emails & Web Push to Send Messages

AiTrillion allows you to split and branch your emails and push notifications within a single workflow. Now you can tailor your offers, add incentives, so you can send each customer down the right path.

Still need any help, AiTrillion support team will help you create workflows matching your exact requirements.

Engage Your Customers with Automation

AiTrillion is a platform that will do everything for you. Why just automate your email and push notifications when you can have it all. Now you can easily organize contacts into different lists, and update information in your contact database.

Combine Multiple

Deliver personalized messages to your customers based on their preferred channels. With AiTrillion, you can automate email marketing, push notifications, loyalty point reminder email to drive more sales by staying in touch with your customers.

Pre-designed workflows

Start your marketing in no time with 11+ pre-built workflows automation series.

  • Welcome series (Convert your subscribers)
  • Abandoned cart & browse abandonment series
  • Product cross sell Suggest personalized products

Track Conversions to Measure Success

AiTrillion lets you view the comprehension performance of your automation. You can track which workflows are working best and which needs to be changed to drive you more conversions. Real-time reporting provides you with the valuable information you need to improve your campaigns, track your performance over time, understand the preferences of your audience to make smart marketing decisions.

Pre-built Email & Web Push Workflows
Automation Series

Simple follow up series

Send simple welcome email series when customer sign up in the store

Basic welcome series

Send personalized welcome email series on customer sign up

Browse Abandoned

Send emails to a customer for their recent view products

Newsletter Followup Email

Send offers if a customer subscribes to your newsletter

Abandoned Cart Series

Send emails to the customers at different times on cart abandonment.

Product Cross-Sell

Send different product promotional emails on order completion

Customer win back

Send engagement emails to engaged the customers

Replenishment Reminder

Prompt customers to make a repeat purchase

Purchase Follow Up

Send follow up emails after order delivered

Loyalty Points Reminder

Send emails to the loyalty reward program members for their points

Customer Reactivation

Send reactivation emails to regain your lost customers

Get More Done in
Less Time

Make your first revenue-driven workflow to streamline your marketing communications. 10+ triggers, 4+ filters, and different types of actions to create workflows and personalize any customer journey that meets your specific business goals.

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