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Web Push Notifications


Engage Your Audience with Web Push Notifications

Reach customers even when they are not on your store by delivering messages directly on their mobile or desktop.


Abandoned Cart Push Notification

Reduce cart abandonment with automated web push notifications

Ensure a higher checkout rate by sending push reminders to your customers to complete the purchase. This powerful feature allows you to send timely reminders even if the customers do not open abandoned cart emails.It also show the product images which is left abandoned in cart.

  • Send the cart reminder sequence.
  • Set the time interval of the push notifications.
  • Customize the push messages to get the attention.
  • Add discounts, coupon codes, offers to make it attractive.
  • Dynamic product image in a push notifications

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web push notifications

Price Drop Alerts

Automate your price drop alerts

Automate your web push price drop alerts to bring back cost sensitive shoppers to complete purchases. With AiTrillion you can set automations to receive price drop alerts of the products they are interested in.

  • Notify customers with dynamic alerts.
  • Craft message to create urgency.
  • Create a separate list of subscribers who are interested in being notified.
  • It helps to increase conversion rates.
  • Reach interested buyers smartly.

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Back In Stock Notifications

Send automated Web Push Notifications to bring back interested shoppers.

Create a separate list of every product and Automate your alerts to bring back interested customers to complete purchases.

  • Send automatic alerts with dynamic images.
  • Create a message for high open and click rate.
  • Make a list of subscribers based on products they subscribed to.
  • It helps to recover lost sales.

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Schedule Push Notifications

Plan your Web Push Campaigns in advance

Plan your campaigns ahead of time. Schedule your web notifications for offers, new arrivals, best-selling products, or festive greetings in advance. With AiTrillion, repeat the same notifications multiple times.

  • Trigger notifications based on your customer behavior.
  • Boost your notifications, so that customers cannot miss any update.
  • Detailed analytics is available to get a clear picture of your campaign.
  • Increase engagement through advanced planning.

Reports and Analytics

Actionalble Web Push Analytical Reports

Analyze which push notifications worked best for your store and generated revenue. Everything is available under one roof to find out the performance of each campaign.

  • Push subscriber’s daily growth report.
  • Push sent and push impressions report.
  • Revenue reports.
  • Smart click reports on push notifications.
web push notifications
product reviews

Integrated Web Push Notifications

Integrat Web Push Notifications with Email Workflows

You can send push notifications automatically based on customer behaviors and exclusive triggers. Add push notifications in your automated workflow, this will help you in sending push notifications automatically on customer’s behavior like for sending review, redeemed loyalty points, and other activities on your store.

  •  It helps you reach out to your lost customers with a personalized message at the perfect timing.
  • Send push notifications for review requests after the product purchase.
  • Send push notifications if customers reach a set number of loyalty points to redeem it.
  • Encourage customers to subscribe for the push notifications to earn loyalty points with a dynamic push popup.
  • Web push is integrated with Workflows and can be sent on more advanced triggers.

Why use AiTrillion for Web Push Notifications


Better Customer Engagement

Get 6x more engagement than email marketing by using web push notifications. Connect smartly, even if users are not in your store or open emails.


Multi-Device Responsive

Send push notifications directly to the user’s phone and increase your reach on both desktops as well as mobile devices.


Maximize Store Traffic

Easily bring back visitors to your store by sending targeted promotions even after they’ve left, maximizing your site traffic!


Creative Templates

AiTrillion has worked hard in creating templates that suit your needs. You can make it visually attractive by adding emoticons, CTA buttons, short but meaningful messages that represent your brand identity.

Creative Web Push Templates to Meet all your Requirements


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