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Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing our video

best email marketing platform for ecommerce

AI-Powered Email Marketing to Boost your sales

AiTrillion’s robust eCommerce email marketing features, create a hyper-personalized email series and automate your email delivery to transform every mail into a personal and unique experience for your customers.


Email Templates

Creative Email Marketing Templates with Drag-and-Drop Editor

It’s easy to get started. Just choose an email template or newsletter, personalize your message with an easy drag and drop editor, add design elements, select your audience, and send! Store and manage all your images and files in the AiTrillion content gallery so you can always find what you need for your campaigns. Whether you need an automated marketing workflow or want to track customer journeys to build relationships, you can always find what you need here to reach the right person at the right time.

  • Select from more than 50 best email marketing templates, and a gallery full of graphics
  • Easily customize the templates using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Add products dynamically, based on collection and product recommendations.
  • Use shortcodes to easily personalize the email templates.

Email Marketing Platform for Shopify

Use Ready-to-Go Automations for Email Campaigns

Never miss an opportunity to connect with people even when you are sleeping. Connect with customers when they are most engaging with your brand no matter what time it is, and turn them into loyal customers.

AiTrillion’s eCommerce marketing automation helps you set a predefined series of welcome emails, cart abandoned emails, push notifications, loyalty points, and others with a specific set of rules. Best email marketing platform for eCommerce help you perform actions like Delay, Update List, Send Email and Send Push help to deliver relevant messages to your customers based on their interactions and behaviors.

With AI-powered email marketing, you can:

  • Send automated email series using more than 11 built-in workflow templates or schedule manually.
  • Choose triggers like abandoned cart, browse abandonment, post-purchase, welcome, and more.
  • Integrate email campaigns with the loyalty rewards program, reviews, and push campaigns to create a personalized customer experience.
  • Track real-time email performance (open rate/click-through) to create more targeted automation.
  • Create timed-based triggers for customer retention.
AiTrillion Email Customer Segmentation

Segment Email Marketing Campaign

Send Precisely What Your Customers Want to See

Design marketing campaigns as precisely as possible so that the right message can hit the right people at precisely the right time. AiTrillion allows store owners to gather the right data to create even smarter list segmentation—and deliver the most personalized content to every customer.

  • Segments are based on more than 40 exclusive behavior-based triggers.
  • Adaptive segments target real-time audiences.
  • Pre-built customer segmentation gets you started quickly.
  • CSV importer allows you to upload a list manually.

Realtime Tracking

Measure & Understand What’s Working Best

Keep checks on your campaign ROI with on-target sales tracking and attribution with the best email marketing software for Shopify. Understand how your audience is engaging with your email marketing campaign and how much revenue is each campaign bringing in. Gather data on:

Gather data on:

  • Email open rate
  • Email delivery
  • Unsubscribers
  • New subscribers
  • Click-through rates
  • Orders placed/sales/conversions
Real-time performance tracking

Dynamic Content

20+ Personalized Tags to Send Tailored Product Recommendations and Discount Codes

Delight and engage your customers with powerful, automated workflows. With personalized tags, automatically send product recommendations and tailored discount offers.

AiTrillion’s email marketing Shopify integration facilitates store owners to cross-sell and up-sell, get reviews from their customers, and offer incentives to pull them back for more purchases. It helps you nurture the relationship with your customers with exclusive offers and updates about new launch products they’ll be sure to relish.

  • Make your email campaigns, newsletter more dynamic. Create and manage the advanced segments function.
  • Re-target customers who have recently viewed products with the browse abandonment automated workflow.
  • Send customized discount codes to your customers based on their shopping behaviors.

Optimize Email Campaigns

Minimize Email Bounce Rate

AiTrillion validates recipients’ email addresses before sending it! Get lower bounced emails and block rates. You can focus on what really matters to your business – sales and increasing customer engagement.

  • Email throttling improves deliverability.
  • Nurture, engage, and sell with personalized content.
  • Track behavior to craft more engaging emails.
Minimize email bounce rate optimization


Complete Analytics Reporting to Drive Strategy

Easily see how well your campaigns are working. Measure campaign performance, drop underperforming campaigns and build on successful campaigns.

AiTrillion’s AI-powered engine helps you get 360-degree access to all marketing campaigns and empowers you to build and polish up a profitable email marketing strategy.

  • Meaningful analytics focuses on your growth.
  • Complete graphical report on emails open rate, clicks, orders, order totals, and creation dates.
  • Tracking for total orders and sales captured from each campaign.
  • Detailed lists of engaged customers who open/click emails.
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