AI for predicting, engaging & acquiring your next customer.

All in one AI product for quick sales, automated marketing, intelligent engagement with customers & visitors.

Data Enrichment & Insights

Reveal & enrich granular customer insights.
Deeply understand your customers, and take intelligent action to increase your customer adoption and retention.


Individualize every customer interactions by grouping them into a segment.


Know about the viability and trendiness of all key products in the entire network.


Filter your customers to display location-specific campaigns.

AI Insights

Automatically analyzes, predict, compare & enrich your visitors & customers.
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AI App

Convert any store into AI Enabled Smart Store.
Encourage visitors and customers to take actions with in-app messages triggered by time and behavior.

Loyalty Points

Tracking unknown and known visitors to dedicate them points.


Ask your customers for reviews based on their behavior.

Personalized Offers

Send personalized, tailor-made and in-app offers based on buyer history.

Email Subscription

Sustain interest of your audience by keeping in touch through emails.
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AI Prediction

Find out your next customer.
Drive more engagement based on future projections rather than familiar-but-flawed intuition.


Foretell the time and the day when people will be buying a product.


Anticipates chances of most of the people buying from a particular zip code.


Predict chances of people buying a product in a particular price range.


Foresee whether a customer is going to buy from your store again.
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Customer Segmentation

Target your ideal audience at a glimpse.
Create real-time dynamic and rolling segments based on customer behavior.


Analyse each customer segment along with the business metrics that matter.


Group customers based on onsite behavior, transaction history and buying patterns.

Real Time

Use real-time dynamic and rolling segments to boost customer engagement.


Send right messages to the right customers. Drive actions for engagement strategies.
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AI Push

Reach Your Customer Without Email Address.
Bring your customers back to your store. Re-engage and turn them into revenue even after they’ve left your store.


See exactly how many customers your web push reached.

Hyper Targeting

Target and craft push campaigns that adapt the experience of each visitor.


Engage your visitors and customers and bring them back to your store.


Based on browsing history, shopping habits, onsite behavior and buying patterns.
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AI Email

Smartify your Ecommerce marketing.
Automatically adjust the best timing, perfect content, and personalization to all your email campaigns.


Smart email scheduling for live customers.


Blast emails to segments using AI filters.


Personalize your emails & win more customers.


Send right emails, at right time and to right people.
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AI Reviews

Turn customer words into sales.
Extract useful insights from user-generated content like reviews, Q&A, and customer uploaded images.

Turn trust into sales

Display reviews, photos, and Q&A, to increase trust & conversion rate.

Build social trust

Share reviews to enhance customer trust, engagement, and traffic to the website.

12X more reviews

Ask at a perfect time to get a higher amount of reviews in less time.

Review directly

Increase conversion rate by submitting a review directly in-email.
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AI Loyalty

Turn customers to loyal customers.
Track down your customers and automatically dedicate them extra loyalty points based on behavior and watch the sales skyrocket.


Send 1-2-1 notifications so that customers come back to your store.

Time-based campaigns

Create an urgency among your customers with a limited time promotional offers.

Refer a friend

Reward your customers when they refer their friends and family to your shop.

Advance Analytics

Get a detailed insight of your customers and check their Loyalty metrics.
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