Capture More Ai powered Customers. Engage More With 8+ Automated  Customer Touchpoints & Actionable Audiences.

82,000+ Merchant Network Across 175+ Countries. 69M+ Online Buyers Ranked & Analyzed.


AI-powered engagement platform

1. Let Us Find Your Next Sales

Drive more engagement based on future projections rather than familiar-but-flawed intuition.

Time Based

Predicts when a customer is most likely to buy a product from the store.

Location Based

Predicts from which location most of the customers are likely to make a purchase.

Price Based

Predict chances of most people buying a product in a particular price range.

Customer Value

Predicts who is most likely to purchase a product from your store again.
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2. Never Lose Customers & Increase Sales With Loyalty User Base

Loyalty Rewards
Track down your customers and automatically dedicate them extra loyalty points based on behavior and watch the sales skyrocket.

Activity Rules

Reward Points for Product Purchase, Signup, Writing Reviews, Referrals, on birthdays, etc.

Refer A Friend

Let your loyal Customers bring new customers to your store through Referrals.


Reward your loyal Customers for the points they have earned on your store.

Customer Retention

Customers will make more purchases in order to spend the reward points given.
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3. Establish Authority & Influence Visitors With User Generated Content

Product Reviews
Best way to gain customer confidence is prominently displaying user-generated content like product reviews, testimonials, or even social media posts from your customers.

Review Reminders

Motivate customers by sending a review reminder after ‘X’ number of days.

In-mail Review Request

Collect more reviews, rating, and Q&A with artificially intelligent requests using our frictionless in-mail technology.

Community Q&A

Let your customers get quick and reliable answers from past buyers and your team.


Encourage customers to write on-site reviews with customizable widgets.
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4. Intelligently Reach Your Customers Off The Website

Web Push Notification
Bring your customers back to your store. Re-engage and turn them into revenue even after they’ve left your store.


Track impression, clicks and push reach specifically for each campaign.

Abandoned Cart

Remind your customers about products left in carts and increase your sales.

In-stock Again

Based on user’s preferences, you can notify when out of stock products are available again.

Price Drop

Notify users about price-drop on products in real-time, converting them to direct sales.
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Ai Push
Ai Trillion

5. Email Ecommerce Reach Powered By Ai Automation

Email Marketing
Go beyond the tradition email marketing with automation. Send emails targeted to each contact’s interests.

Email Automation

Email marketing automation takes care of details so you can focus on the stuff you love.


Group your customers by location, age, and almost any behavior with advanced segmentation tools.


Create campaigns. Send great emails to stay in front of your customers—and offer exactly what they want to see.

Pre-made templates

You don’t need to be a tech wizard. Our drag-and-drop email designer lets you set up beautiful campaigns in minutes.
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6. Target Your Customer Audience Like A Pro

Customer Segmentation
Make your customer segments feel special by sending them messages which are specifically addressed to them & relevant to their interest.

Purchase History

Target customers based on their past purchase history such as Top-purchasing customers.

Browsing Behaviour

Segment customers based on different products purchased by them.

Marketing Interactions

Segment customers based on push reach, email sent, email opened, and much more.

In-store Activity

Segment customers based on the activities they perform on your store.
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Customer Segmentation
Ai Box

7. Convert Any Store Into AI Powered Smart Store

Ai Box
Encourage visitors and customers to take actions with all in one Ai Box which is triggered by machine learning.

Loyalty Points

Engage & prompt your loyal customers through Ai Box.


Collect more site & product reviews by placing it inside Ai Box.

Personalized Offers

Send personalized offers directly from inside Ai Box based on customer activities.

Email Subscription

Get more emails subscribers through capturing their emails through Ai Box.
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8. Turn Customer Data into Actionable Insights

Reports and Analytics
Deeply understand your customers, and take intelligent actions to increase your customer adoption and retention.


Individualize customer interactions by grouping them into different segments.


Know about the viability and trendiness of all key products in the entire network.


Filter your customers to display location-specific campaigns.

Ai Insights

Automatically analyzes, predicts, compares & enrich’s your customer experience.
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