Why We Are Better?

Less Cost Save upto 72% of the cost on Shopify monthly billing with an all-in-one platform we are providing.
Multiple Scripts If you install all those individual apps, they will add their own scripts/codes and make the speed of the website slow.
Dependency You are in safe hands with your data in single hand. With multiple apps, you will share important data to multiple apps team.
Data Security You are in safe hands with your data in one hand. With multiple apps, you will share data to multiple apps team.

Make Your Customers Addicted to Your Shop

  • Reward Your Customers for Profitable Actions
    A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for actions that profit to your business
  • Increase Retention
    Reward customers for their purchases
  • Increase Average Order Value
    Reward customers for spending more than a certain amount
  • Increase Order Frequency
    Reward customers for ordering more during a certain period of time
  • Increase Brand Awareness
    Strengthen your online presence. Allow your customers to spread the word about your brand.

Most Advance Features you'll only Find in AiTrillion

Deeply understand your customers, and take intelligent actions to increase your customer adoption and retention.
Integrated Touch Points All customers and eCommerce data flow in an integrated way with all touch points like loyalty, review, push, email, etc.
AI Email You can send automatic personalized emails to customers for the recently viewed products when customers leave your store.
Custom Audience Keep communications highly relevant by engaging with customers based on the time, day or collections they purchased.
Predictions With intelligent data analytics, you can predict sales and product procurement accurately on the store.
Integrate in Seconds. Insights in Minutes.
An all-in-one marketing platform to boost your store sales

Here's What our Clients Say

Superb Product. Awesome Customer Support
My monthly expenses have fallen to a fraction. Replaces almost all important applications within a single system... Reviews, abandoned cart, push notification, loyalty point management, etc. Customer service is fast and accurate. I highly recommend this app!
- iHair ihair.hu
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