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Smart popup

Help your visitors make their first purchase

Everything you need—creative popups, customer forms, sidebars, slide into
turn your visitors into customers (in just a few clicks).

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Collect Email Addresses

Target the right audience to expand your email list using effective strategies. Increase the number of email subscribers by providing website visitors with incentives such as giveaways, lead magnets, discounts, and special offers.

  • Welcome Discounts popups
  • Save Cart Abandonment
  • Give Free Resources
  • Run Giveaways

Connect with Visitors

Guide Website Visitors Around Your Store. Offer a tailored shopping experience for each visitor by displaying relevant products, guides, and announcements based on their preferences and browsing history.

  • Highlight Deals and Offers
  • Offer Explainer Guides
  • Make Important Announcements
  • Collect Reviews from customers

Increase Product Sales

Turn Your Store Traffic Into Sales. Boost your sales by displaying special offers, personalized product recommendations, and cart abandonment popups.

  • Sale Campaigns
  • Prevent Cart Abandonment
  • Promote Additional Benefits
  • Highlight Deals and Offers

Collect Reviews from Customers

Displaying a post-purchase popup after checkout for review or asking abandoning visitors for their reasons for leaving can provide valuable insights to improve your business. Target the right audience, on the right pages, by asking the right questions.

Track Your Popup Campaign Performance

Analyze your popup campaign performance and examine the effectiveness according to the goal you set. With AiTrillion, you can check the complete analytics report of your popup’s performance and can change messages, templates, and timing based on the data.

  • Real-Time analytics.
  • Performance of each campaign.
  • Total clicks report.
  • Total order and revenue report.

Exclusive Popup Settings

Popup settings refer to the various options and configurations that can be applied to a popup. This can include things like the design and layout of the popup, the timing and triggers for when it should be displayed, and the targeting options for who should see the popup. Other settings may include the type of action that should be taken when the popup is closed or submitted, such as redirecting the visitor to a specific page or sending an email notification.

  • Design popups in any language
  • Upload desktop and mobile images separately
  • Schedule popups with different start and end time
  • Show popup on load, scroll of page or any specific time interval
  • Customize the popup size, display, color, position easily from dashboard

Frequently asked questions about Smart popups

What are smart popups?

Smart popups are popups or overlay messages that appear on a website or web application based on user behavior or intent, designed to offer a personalized and relevant user experience.

What are the benefits of using smart popups?

The benefits of using smart popups include increased engagement and conversion rates, improved user experience, and the ability to provide targeted messaging to users based on their behavior and interests.

What types of smart popups can I use on my website?

You can use a variety of smart popups on your website, including exit-intent popups, scroll-triggered popups, timed popups, and click-triggered popups.

How can I create effective smart popups?

To create effective smart popups, you should identify your target audience, define your goals and KPIs, create personalized and engaging content, and test and optimize your popups based on performance data.

How often should I show smart popups to my website visitors?

The frequency of your smart popups depends on your audience and the goals of your campaigns. Generally, it’s recommended to show no more than one or two popups per visit, and to limit the number of times a user sees the same popup.

How can I measure the success of my smart popups?

You can measure the success of your smart popups by tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and overall ROI.

How can I improve the effectiveness of my smart popups?

You can improve the effectiveness of your smart popups by segmenting your audience based on behavior or interests, personalizing your messaging, optimizing your messaging and CTAs, using A/B testing and continually analyzing and optimizing your campaigns based on performance data.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in using smart popups?

Common mistakes to avoid in using smart popups include showing popups too frequently or at the wrong time, not providing value to your visitors, not optimizing for mobile, and not providing a clear opt-out option.

How can I ensure compliance with regulations when using smart popups?

To ensure compliance with regulations when using smart popups, you should provide a clear opt-out option, follow regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CAN-SPAM Act, and clearly state the terms and conditions of any promotional offers.

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“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

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“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

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