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Smart Popups


The Smartest Way To Grow Sales With Popups

Grow your email list and drive more sales with a timely Shopify email popup. Give each popup a clear goal with AiTrillion, increase average order value with goal intended actions, and display the most relevant offer to every single visitor.


eCommerce Newsletter Popup

Turn Early-Stage Visitors into Leads.

Entice them to subscribe to your newsletter and convert them into sales later. Our smart popups can easily integrate with email campaign lists and workflow automation so you can send it just after form submissions.

  • Makes lead generation easy.
  • Collect additional contact details of your customers.
  • Grab your visitors’ attention with a teaser.
  • Target different visitor segments with fully personalized messages.

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Exit Intent Popup Plugin

Minimize Cart Abandonment Rate with Exit-Intent Popups

Use the exit-intent popup to recover abandoning users. When a visitor decides to leave the website, use exit-intent popup plugin to catch their attention and show them personalized offers.

  • Grab the attention of abandoning visitors in real-time.
  • Display popup after X seconds of browsing your store.
  • Display your message after a visitor has scrolled down on your page.
  • Trigger your offer when a visitor clicks on a specific page.

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Loyalty Signup Popup Plugin

Promote Your Loyalty Rewards Program

Use loyalty html popup to promote your rewards program. AiTrillion allows you to design a loyalty popup in which you can share the URL to direct customers to the loyalty program.

You can also give discount coupons if they sign up then and there. Here are the pro-tips to make it work-

  • The design and message have to be crystal clear.
  • Add rewards that are valuable to shoppers.
  • Don’t forget to add the CTA button.
  • Develop a landing page that promotes your loyalty rewards program.

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Review Request Popup

Display Review Popup on your Website without any Hassle.

Showcase the feedback left by customers on your Shopify store and add much-needed credibility to your products.
AiTrillion offers product and site review popups. You can send a site review popup when a visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page. And once a customer has completed the purchase, you can send a product review popup with the product image along with personalized content.

  • Add product images to ask for reviews for a particular product
  • Offer loyalty points in exchange for site review
  • Share reviews in your social media channels
  • Add personalized content to target exact emotions

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Popup Report

Track Your Popup Campaign  Performance for Better Optimization

Analyze your popup campaign performance and examine the effectiveness according to the goal you set. With AiTrillion, you can check the complete analytics report of your popup’s performance and can change messages, templates, and timing based on the data.

  • Real-Time analytics.
  • Performance of each campaign.
  • Total clicks report.
  • Total order and revenue report.
Page Level Targeting


Segment your leads by using our exclusive page-level targeting and personalized rules.

Real-Time Behavior

Real-Time Behavior Automation

Keep your visitors engaged and boost conversions with automated behavior-based popups.

smart popup

Beautiful Lead Capture Forms

Choose a pre-built template designed for maximum conversions through popups

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