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Revenue boost – the ultimate thing you need


68% uplift in revenue by leveraging AiTrillion sales automation for shopify.

consumer engagement growth

92 Million+

92 Million+ consumer engagement events accomplished in just 9 months


Witnessed 85% boost in Consumer Engagements


Increased 87% conversion rate/ orders placed.

loyalty reward program & redemptions benefits

46 Billion+

46 Billion+ loyalty points assigned accross shopify stores.

697 Million+

Out of which 697 Million+ points were redeemed in the last 6 months.


Hike of 21.2% in customer engagement when enabled Loyalty Rewards Program on AiTrillion

email funnels & sales automation driven with “just seen”


AiTrillion email automation influenced up to 20% of the conversions & Interactive emails spiked the CTR rate by 4X Via AiTrillion Analytics Automation.

product recommendation automation sales impact


4.5% Average order size increased through product recommendation widgets on the cart.


$1,583,233 generated automatically.

smart pop-ups – not just the regular ones


Smart Popups (Newsletter Signup Popup) grew subscriber’s active email list by 150%.


Revenue by clicking on Smart Pop Ups – $892,625

affiliates – the organic growth hackers


15584+ Affiliates Registerd & Growing

reviews & ratings (stores/products)

124, 642+

Aggregated 124, 642+ Customers Reviews in Just 9 months of launch for sellers.

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