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AiTrillion – Integration with Shopify POS

Shopify Point of Sale

Retail POS Software to Automate Loyalty Rewards Program

AiTrillion Point of Sale is a cloud-based POS solution for Shopify sellers. The POS system software allows users to manage customers, loyalty points assigned, and loyalty points redeemed. When you install AiTrillion on your store, you will automatically have AiTrillion for Shopify POS. No need to install a separate app.

Shopify Point of Sale Integration

Enjoy the Convenience and Simplicity at Reward & Referral Program

AiTrillion’s POS system software allows you to register new customers into your loyalty rewards program easily. It also facilitates customers to redeem their available loyalty points using cloud POS software.

With Shopify point of sale integration, you create custom profiles for each customer that can be used for personalized discounts and notify them about upcoming sales and offers. The discount will automatically be applied to the cart & the total price will adjust accordingly. The customer’s points balance will automatically be reduced according to the selected discount.

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    Creates An Account

    Give points when a customer creates an account

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    Make a Purchase

    Give points when the customer orders something

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    Leave a review

    When a customer leaves a review on a purchased product

Reward Your Customers With Shopify Coupons on POS
Easy To Use POS Software


Everything is integrated into your POS for a stress-free experience.

AiTrillion’s POS system software helps you engage customers with the brand by offering attractive offers. You can give money off and percentage off to make them your loyal customers. Shopify point of sale reviews all your customer available points and give them easy to redeem from anywhere. 

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    Money Off

    A Fixed Amount Off  From a Customer’s Entire Order (E.G. $5 Off).

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    Percentage Discount

    A Percentage Discount Off From a Customer’s Entire Order.

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