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SK Homemade Cakes
Posted August 9, 2023

Working with AiTrillion was a truly remarkable experience, and a significant part of that excellence was due to Reena’s outstanding support. From the beginning of our project until the very end, she was there to guide me through the entire setup process from A-Z.

Reena’s extensive knowledge of the system and its many features was immediately evident, but what really set her apart was her dedication to making sure everything was tailored to my needs. She took the time to understand my unique requirements and was able to translate them into a perfectly functioning setup.

Despite the complexity of the project, Reena made everything feel effortless. Her patience in explaining every detail and her willingness to answer even the smallest of questions made me feel supported and confident throughout the process.

The system is now performing wonderfully, and I know that a large part of that success is due to Reena’s hard work and commitment. Her professional and caring approach has left a lasting impression, and I would highly recommend AiTrillion to anyone in need of robust technological solutions.

Thank you, Reena, and the entire AiTrillion team, for your fantastic support. Your efforts have truly made a difference in my business, and I am grateful for the positive experience you have provided!
Posted July 6, 2023

I highly recommend this app! Originally we planned on using it for only email campaigns. Once it is set up and time to go through various areas offered within this app. I was able to get rid of several other apps I didn’t need. I had to reach out to customer support for an integration question. I was quickly responded to and helped with absolute satisfaction.
Posted June 2, 2023

Aitrillion is a great app to add to your store. It gives you many premium features you want on your store. Normally we would niet about 8 different apps to get the same results which has a very bad effect on your page speed. The support from AiTrillion is amazing and have been for a long time. They respond quickly and get the things done that you need within hours. I’m very satisfied and would highly recommended it.

Pretty Pop Boutique
Posted June 2, 2023

I am very happy I got this app for my biz! I am new at using this app but all the features they promise are absolutely real and work very well together. Support has been amazing and I can’t wait to grow my business with this wonderful platform. If you are tired of having multiple marketing platforms for your business I highly suggest this app! Thanks guys!
A big plus for me is that rewards integrate with not only my online shop but also on my Shopify pos system! A+

Posted March 20, 2023

Alot of the user experience for any service relies on the amount of support is given. Their support service is just great. The software integrates seamlessly with the store and does not require any additional coding from my end. For now, I am happy with the product and service and will encourage anyone who is doubtful to give this product a try.

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Davina P.
Posted May 25, 2023

“Good Tool for automating customer service”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?

Having experienced first-hand the power of AiTrillion, I can say that this platform is a game-changer in eCommerce. The setup was incredibly quick and easy. The platform offers email and web push workflow automation, which allowed me to connect with customers effortlessly and at the right time across all channels​​.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?

I found the cost of their services to be a bit steep. For small businesses or those just starting out, the price might be a significant consideration. Furthermore, I felt that the free trial period offered was too short.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?

AiTrillion is solving the problem of customer service and marketing in eCommerce management by providing a comprehensive, integrated platform for marketing automation, customer engagement, and analytics. This has benefited me by streamlining my operations, improving customer interactions, and providing valuable insights to drive business growth.

Robin M.
Posted May 30, 2023

“Powerful AI powered platform”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?

By combining 11 various customer interaction channels, the AI-powered platform makes it simple for me to communicate with millions of consumers globally. Web push notification workflow is the feature I like the most. It enables me to simply engage with clients across numerous channels and reach them at ideal time.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?

The platform’s trial period is too short to try out all features, although when I purchased paid version, I definitely loved it. But It can take some time to become acclimated to all of its features.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?

Utilizing this platform has increased the effectiveness of my operations, enhanced my customer interactions and provided me with useful data to expand my business. The announcement bar, clever popups, and loyalty programme all work together to increase sales and keep consumers coming back.

Sally B.
Posted Aug 09, 2023

“Reena was a wonderful support in setting me up with the first part of AiTrillion.”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?

Fantastic support and paticence from AiTrillion I am looking forward to knowing more about this platform as I believe it will assist with my sales and time manabement dramatically!Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?

No dislikes so far. I am new to this platform but very happy so far.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?

They email marketing is being solved by AiTrillion and the wonderful support team they employ. We look forward to this becomeing a simpler process thank it has been.

shrinath i.
Posted Aug 18, 2023

“The best AI tool for marketing”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?

The automation and the simplicity in UI is what i like the most.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?

Na there is nothing i dislike about the toolReview collected by and hosted on

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?

The email backlogs were cleared and the customers received a real time live chat feature

Verified User in Retail
Posted Aug 11, 2023

“Good Customer service”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?

Good Customer service and easy Marketing service for the businessReview collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?

No Customer service available in US time zoneReview collected by and hosted on

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?

Easy templates for email marketing and ecommerse personalisation and may feature all in one App.

Curtis T.
Posted August 1, 2023
“Super Awesome Marketing Tool”
Overall: Overall experience very good. I have used tech support on several occasions and its always easy to reach someone and they also do free training *they did for me when I first signed up
Pros: From Customer Loyalty to Affiliate Program, to website Banners linked to analytics and sales programs this tool has it all!
Cons: I wish the affiliate program did not use PayPal for payouts. It should have another option.
Islam M.
Posted November 4, 2022
“Great App”
Overall: Very good
Pros: Email marketing, reviews and loyalty program
Cons: Nothing in particular. I see that it delivers all features
Switched From: Klaviyo
Tj S.
Posted August 8, 2022
“Best app for ecommerce store”
Pros: We’ve using AiTrillions app for almost three years!!! This app literally has every function we need for marketing and etc. Considering all these functions included in their plan, the price is beyond reasonable. And on top of app itself, their customer service is top notch!! Big shoutout to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] who’s always been there for all our request, super knowledgable and responsive people!!! CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!
Cons: nothing really. the app and customer service gave us everything we need.
Justin M.
Posted June 7, 2022
“Great customer support with my technical problems”
Overall: They really care about helping me solve my problems and our meetings over Zoom are very helpful.
Pros: This software offered a solution to my unique situation. No other softwares out there could help me and I am grateful for their solutions.
Cons: I have no issues with this software. They offer a lot of features, so there is a learning curve for the user. However, they offer great support, so I was never worried.
clara j.
Posted April 11, 2022
“Nice servie nice price”
Overall: very great
Pros: affordable as compare to tons feature we got
Cons: some feature is not complete. like font choice on email marketing
Switched From: Privy
Reasons for Switching to AiTrillion: price
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