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Panda Baby Co.
Posted March 28, 2023

AiTrillion is an excellent all-in-one marketing and loyalty app for Shopify stores. It offers a range of features including email marketing, loyalty program, web push notifications, product reviews, and more. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the customer support team is highly responsive and helpful. With AiTrillion, you can easily manage your store’s marketing campaigns and loyalty program, and improve your overall customer engagement and retention. Highly recommended for any Shopify store owner looking to enhance their marketing strategy.

Barnstaple Equestrian Supplies
Posted March 24, 2023

We have been struggling with individual app for points, emailing, reviews etc so have been pleased to find this option. It is packed with features that we will enjoy getting to grips with – support on video calls have been excellent

Posted March 20, 2023

Alot of the user experience for any service relies on the amount of support is given. Their support service is just great. The software integrates seamlessly with the store and does not require any additional coding from my end. For now, I am happy with the product and service and will encourage anyone who is doubtful to give this product a try.

Wholesome Platter
Posted March 17, 2023

Excellent Service. The Training and support is impeccable and the app itself has a lot of features in it!

Posted March 7, 2023

I recommend this application not only because it will automate all your work but also because you will have constant support from the team which, by the way, is a team very dedicated to this work and they will be more than happy to help you understand faster or more concretely how this application works.

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Paula H.
Posted Nov 27, 2022


What do you like best about AiTrillion?
AI Trillion has High Functionality with many useful productive features.

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?
Because of my lack of experience is was a little confusing but the customer support is there the whole way

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?
I am hoping to get sales on my site

Islam M.
Posted Nov 04, 2022

“Excellent app”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?
By using the AiTrillion app, you save time and money and eliminate the codes in your store as simply AiTrillion substitutes 5 apps.

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?
As far as I see, I like it and see no problems

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?
reviews, email marketing, and loyalty programs

Jennie N.
Posted Oct 31, 2022

“I love Ai Trillion. It help me a lot marketing automation to make service better.”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?
I use alomost function in Aitrillion such as Email MKT, Product review, smart popup, announcement bar… All in one app makes my website so optimized and run fast. Support team works very well, fast and wiling to help me customize many things to fit to my Global’s guideline. Excellent to try.

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?
smart popup: I can not use customized file/ image to inset to the system

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?
Rule of Email marketing when I create Workflow. They help me to make clear everything. Loyalty is very exciting

Bonnie F.
Posted Sep 07, 2022

“Helpful & Responsive”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?
The team is always willing to jump on a call to help me with email marketing. They’ve helped me set up a Refer a Friend program and Loyalty program.

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?
Nothing. They’re great! The program integrates well with shopify.

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?
Refer a friend, loyalty, email campaigns and automated workflows.

Ankith G.
Posted Aug 25, 2022

“Best Customer Service and Best App for Email, Popups and Push notifications”

What do you like best about AiTrillion?
We were very happy to learn that aitrillion had created a Shopify app. We’ve found it to be very easy to use and seamlessly send new email sign-ups from our website. It was simple to install and embed into the website. It is successfully capturing email addresses and phone numbers. Very useful for email broadcasts to our customer base. The email creator is intuitive and we found it to be one of the well-thought interfaces we have come across thus far. Thank you for creating this app for Shopify!

What do you dislike about AiTrillion?
There is nothing to dislike and no downsides

What problems is AiTrillion solving and how is that benefiting you?
It is helping to increase customer retention and optimize it to get more sales

Islam M.
Posted November 4, 2022

“Best app for ecommerce store”

Pros: We’ve using AiTrillions app for almost three years!!! This app literally has every function we need for marketing and etc. Considering all these functions included in their plan, the price is beyond reasonable. And on top of app itself, their customer service is top notch!! Big shoutout to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] who’s always been there for all our request, super knowledgable and responsive people!!! CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!

Cons: nothing really. the app and customer service gave us everything we need.

Justin M.
Posted June 7, 2022

“Great customer support with my technical problems”

Overall: They really care about helping me solve my problems and our meetings over Zoom are very helpful.

Pros: This software offered a solution to my unique situation. No other softwares out there could help me and I am grateful for their solutions.

Cons: I have no issues with this software. They offer a lot of features, so there is a learning curve for the user. However, they offer great support, so I was never worried.

clara j.
Posted April 11, 2022

“Nice servie nice price”

Overall: very great

Pros: affordable as compare to tons feature we got

Cons: some feature is not complete. like font choice on email marketing

Switched From: Privy

Reasons for Switching to AiTrillion: price

Donna H.
Posted March 2, 2022

“Off to a great start!”

Overall: I only installed the app today and Preetam has already helped me so much! I am having some teething problems (user error I must stress) and he is helping me sort them all out. In fact he has gone above and beyond so far!

Pros: I’m only just beginning with it but so far I am overwhelmed by just how much it can do!

Cons: No reason to dislike anything yet. I shall continue to use it and see

Nicole T.
Posted February 17, 2022

“Great All in one App , Good feature with a low price”

Pros: Easy integration with Shopify, all their features which each seller needed to boost their website.

Cons: I like everything on the platform. Is Pretty good.

Switched From: and Klaviyo

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