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Marketing Personalization Tools

Give Your Marketing Strategy A Personal Touch With Ai

AiTrillion’s AI-personalization marketing tool helps you send the marketing campaigns that matter most to your audience. Send personalized product recommendations on customers’ last purchase and drive more sales. Make your customer feel special by offering them the content as per their requirements to improve their experience and drive sales.
Make all your customers feel special by offering a one-on-one experience to them. Tailor your content based on customers’ moods to drive more sales.

AI-Personalization Tool

Personalization for More Personalized Marketing Campaigns with Actionable Insights

Leverage personalization to create winning customer experiences. Deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers, and recommend the most relevant content for your users. As a leading SaaS and AI-powered customer engagement marketing tool/platform, AiTrillion makes it easy to scale customer engagement and turn first-time visitors into loyal customers.

Send Bulk Emails to Customers List
Gain Unlimited Subscriber At Your Finger Tip

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Make Your Emails, Widgets, Web Push Notifications, Popups, Loyalty Programs Feel Like Conversations

Target your most valuable audiences with more natural and personalized content using segment marketing. AiTrillion’s automated personalization software or marketing personalization tool gives you an easier way to deliver relevant offers and experiences.

Use a drag-and-drop content editor to customize your message and email templates for multiple audiences—all within the same campaign —to drive higher ROI.
AiTrillion offers:

  • Beautiful, user-friendly widgets
  • Smart popups to engage visitors
  • Segmentation to target each customer with a personal touch
  • Pre-designed templates for holiday seasons

eCommerce Personalization Platforms

Transform Customer Engagement with Smart Behavioral Event-Based Triggers

AiTrillion tracks visitors’ behavior in your store so you can offer the right products, messages, and incentives at the right time.
Automatically trigger personalized emails and push notifications to reach customers when they most expect it. Use behavioral triggers such as trigger on exit intent, website visit, cart abandonment, and more to trigger campaigns when the visitor is most likely to engage or at risk of bouncing. Thus, it enables customer engagement transformation.

Define Event-Based Triggered Email
Seamlessly Create Customize Forms

Design custom form

Offers Omnichannel Personalization to Startups, SMBs, and Enterprises

Use personalization tools to build unique customer experiences that are consistent across all marketing channels. AiTrillion allows you to design smart popups to ask customers/visitors about their shopping experience and other sharable information to design hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

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