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Customer Segmentation


Customer Segmentation Platform

Smarter SEGMENTS leads to more satisfying experiences

Segment your customers/visitors based on their digital behavior with the AiTrillion’s  segmentation feature. Classify cross-sell/upsell events and design targeted campaigns to drive sales.



Create micro-segments and prioritize your leads

Know which behavior drove the user to be a part of the current audience. Understand the customer journey by discovering traits like Highest-Paid Customer or Last Product Bought in real-time.

  • Build audiences and create real-time campaigns without relying on other teams.
  • Combine the customer journey between multiple user sessions and patterns.
  • Track your user profile in real-time to build personalized experiences.
customer segmentation
customer segmentation

Personalization Is The Key

Predictive RFM segmentation with ease using tags

Segment customers based on the recency, frequency, and monetary value of their purchases and identify the up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. 

  • Understand each user’s behavior at scale by computing per-user attributes like Emails open, clicked, and others.
  • Understand each user’s initial intent and personalize around their intent.
  • Target the user about the product they were looking for by gauging traits like Last Product ID.
  • Provide the user with better recommendations, by computing traits like Top Purchase History.

Utilize Your Customer Data To The Fullest

Every visitor is different. Treat them differently.

Classify and segment your customers on the basis of their purchase patterns. Create different categories for your customers and define the criteria for each category. AiTrillion, an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform, offers eCommerce customer segmentation software that will automatically segment your customers into these categories, so you can plan your engagement with each segment with target messaging. ‘AiTrillion Segmentation’ feature is easy to use, and real-time.

  • Intent-based segments
    • Set a goal, maximize subscription, purchases, and track which users are most likely to complete the action.
  • Custom lists
    • Create custom user groups on AiTrillion using segmentation, then build campaigns and monitor segments in a detailed dashboard.
  • Past Behaviour Segment
    • Segment users based on historic data and design your campaign that matches their instinct.
customer segmentation


Get predictive insights and plan your marketing campaign for future customers.

Grow Your Customer Engagement, Lifetime Value, and Sales Faster.

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