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eCommerce loyalty rewards program

Increase Repeat Purchases with an Integrated Loyalty Program

Build Personalized Discount/Coupon/Voucher, and Referral campaigns to increase customer retention, engagement, and stimulate revenue from your existing valuable customers.


All-In-One Loyalty Points + Referrals Program


Points & Rewards

Encourage actions & reward customers for interacting with your brand.

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VIP Program

Increase repeat purchases while offering unique perks for your best customers.

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Turn customers into brand ambassadors to promote your store to their friends & family.

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Customer Insights

Discover how customers are interacting with your program and make adjustments in a few clicks.

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Activity Rules

18 Activity Rules

Give customers more reasons to return to your store with the eCommerce rewards programs. Shopify loyalty program increase repeat purchases and spending by motivating your customers with different activity rules, unique combinations of points, rewards, and tiers.

  • Make a purchase
  • Create an account
  • Refer a Friend
  • Visit store
  • Buy $X get Y points
  • On X Orders get Y points
  • Happy Birthday
  • Leave a review
  • Purchase code
  • Follow on Instagram
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow on Facebook
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook share on thank you
  • Allow push notification
Shopify Smart Popup

Referral and Loyalty Programs

Exclusive Rewards to Create an Engaging On-site Experience

Give customers more reasons to return to your online store with exclusive eCommerce rewards programs. Rewarding for purchases is one of the most effective parts of a rewards program. AiTrillion also makes it easy for your customers to redeem their points for awesome rewards. Reward your best customers with a variety of tier entry rewards and custom perks. A VIP loyalty rewards program nurtures long-standing relationships that keep on giving. 

  • Money off
  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free product (voucher) 
  • Product discount (voucher)
  • Cart widget point settings

Loyalty Rewards Platform

Group Customers Based on Points Earned

Motivate customers with exciting milestones. Your customers become increasingly valuable as they shop and engage with your brand. The tier system allows you to strengthen connections with your top customers through increasing rewards, perks, and special offers.

  • Auto upgrade to the tier based on lifetime points earned.
  • Assign the multiple tiers of your choice.
  • Give bonus points.
  • Make your customers feel special by giving points on their birthdays.
  • Motivate customers by sending emails to upgrade the tier.


Dashboard with better insight

Get better customer insights with an exclusive dashboard. See real-time referral and retention analytics. Track all Loyalty rewards program campaigns in real-time to monitor and manage customer engagement and retention strategies.

  • Graphical representation of customer data.
  • Engaged members.
  • Points redeemed.
  • Points earned.
  • Orders via the loyalty program.


Reward Your Customers for Every Referral

Create value for your existing customers by rewarding them for referring like-minded customers to your store.

  • Use popups to promote your Refer-a-friend program.
  • Give points to customers if they refer your store to friends.
  • Give offers to friends to join through unique discount codes.
  • Create a refer a friend popup widget to promote it.

Easy Shopify Loyalty Rewards Program Management

AiTrillion robust analytic system will manage all your customers’ loyalty program data in one place and you can download these data in a CSV file only in one click.
AiTrillion’s intuitive dashboard will give you a clear picture of all the interactions and activities that your customer has made with the loyalty program. It helps you design your future marketing campaign based on their preferences and increase conversions.

  • Integration with email marketing, popup, and web push.
  • Expire loyalty points of the customers who haven’t bought anything from the store for a specific time period.
  • Send loyalty point reminder mail, and popup.
  • Customize to match your Shopify store branding

Build a Rewarding Experience that Your Customers Remember!

Build an easy-to-use personalized reward according to customer preferences and buying behaviors. Choose the right mix of discounts & offers for your audience, tiers, and your program goals.

A loyalty program for Shopify shouldn’t be complex. That’s why we’ve incorporated our user’s feedback into our product to make it user-friendly. With AiTrillion, it’s manageable and exciting to see customers engage in earning and redeem rewards at your store!

11+ Interconnected Channels


Integration with other marketing channels

Automation and integration are what separate the AiTrillion Shopify rewards program from others. Our feature-rich platform facilitates merchants to simultaneously manage multiple channel campaigns by interconnecting with each other. Like you can send web push notifications to those customers who haven’t opened your email that comprises a discount coupon or flat sale info.

loyalty rewards


Fully Supported Shopify POS

Infuse AiTrillion with Shopify point of sale. Integrate AiTrillion to sell your products and accept payments on any device while automatically updating your inventory, orders, and customer data. You can give reward points in the following conditions:


Power of Integration

Our robust platform allows you to integrate a  loyalty rewards program to other important features like email marketing, web push notifications, product reviews, smart popups, and forms. This will give an immense push in building trust & converting prospective customers to sales. AiTrillion offers the following-

  • You can send automatic emails and push when customers reach an “X” number of points to redeem them before they expire.
  • Customers can earn points if they leave a review.
  • Use loyalty rewards popup to encourage customers to sign up and earn points.
  • You can create dynamic workflows with triggers to send emails as well as web push messages.
Integrat Web Push Notifications with Email Workflows

How AiTrillion Loyalty Rewards Program is Different

AiTrillion loyalty program helps Shopify stores to increase customer retention, engagement, and stimulate revenue from their existing valuable customers. Its integration with email marketing, web push notifications, smart popups, and product reviews will give an immense push in building trust & converting prospective customers to sales.


Easy to Use

A well-designed onboarding process gets you set up with the right program for your store in minutes.

Advanced Widgets

More advanced features like snippets for current point status, cart point redeem separate popup module and many more.

Advanced Customer Analytics

Use data and insights from your loyalty rewards program to show customers that you value and understand their individual buying behaviors.

Custom Design Panel

Customize and apply your brand’s aesthetic on both desktop and mobile. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Awesome Notifications

Notify your customers about the loyalty rewards program, ask them to sign up and remind them whenever they have enough points to redeem for a reward.

Expire Loyalty Points

Create urgency in customers to redeem points by expiring the points after “X” Days of the last order placed.

Tier System

Give more value to your best customers with a powerful inbuilt tier system.

Referral Program

Incentivize customers by referring your brand to others and increasing word-of-mouth.

Increase New and Repeat Sales

Cut customer acquisition costs & boost retention using referrals,  loyalty points, exclusive offers, and more.
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