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Loyalty programs built exclusive for eCommerce & Shopify Stores

A customizable rewards & referrals program to drive repeat sales and engage new customers

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How AiTrillion Loyalty Program is different from others?

It’s an integrated all-in-one program built to engage eCommerce store visitors & customers for repeat sales.

  • Give points on 18+ activities on store
  • Integrated with reviews, affiliate, membership etc
  • Reach members with Email, SMS & Push
  • Inbuilt refer a friend module
  • On-Store messaging for better loyalty updates

Earn & Redeem Points Made Easy

Allow customers to earn points from 18+ activities, then redeem them for exclusive rewards that incentivize repeat business.

  • Earn points on signup, purchase, visit, social follow, reviews, membership & affiliates
  • Custom earn points based on customer tag/group assignment
  • Redeem points with combined discount codes on Shopify store
  • Redeem points on Shopify POS directly
  • Setup loyalty page, poups, widgets on store better reminders & updates

Exclusive Loyalty VIP Tiers Program

Create a tiered VIP program that rewards your most loyal customers with exclusive perks, incentives, and personalized experiences.

  • Customizable VIP tiers and benefits
  • Encourage higher spending and loyalty
  • Personalize rewards based on customer value
  • Boost brand affinity and customer retention
  • Automatic updates on tier upgrade/downgrade & benefits

Referral Marketing Integration: Refer-a-Friend

Encourage customers to refer friends to your store, then reward them with points for successful referrals, creating a powerful word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Eg. Refer a friend & Earn 500 Points.

  • Easily set up referral campaigns
  • Give discounts to friend and earn points on purchase
  • Reward customers for successful referrals
  • Track referral performance and ROI
  • Grow your customer base organically

Omni-channel Engagement: Email, SMS & Web Push Integration

Seamlessly integrate your loyalty program with email, SMS, and web push marketing automation to deliver personalized, targeted messages that drive engagement.

  • Send updates to members where they are available on right time
  • Engage customers across multiple channels
  • Personalize communication with loyalty data
  • Automate targeted messaging
  • Improve customer touchpoints and retention

Enhanced Customer Experience with Reviews Integration

Encourage customers to write reviews by rewarding them with points, then showcase these reviews to build trust, credibility, and social proof.

  • Incentivize reviews with points & bonus points on image/video upload
  • Build trust through social proof
  • Showcase customer feedback on your store
  • Improve product discoverability and conversion

Supercharge Your Strategy: Affiliate & Membership Integration

Leverage AiTrillion’s integration with affiliate and membership systems. Encourage by giving loyalty points if customer become recurring member or Affiliate.

  • Streamline affiliate and loyalty programs
  • Integrate with membership systems
  • Boost cross-channel engagement
  • Drive customer loyalty and revenue growth

Advanced Analytics, Reports & Insights

Gain deep insights into your loyalty program’s performance through advanced analytics and reporting, enabling you to optimize your strategies and maximize success.

  • Monitor program performance and KPIs
  • Access in-depth reports and insights
  • Optimize your loyalty strategy
  • Drive data-driven decision-making

Benefits of AiTrillion loyalty program

All-in-One Platform

Access multiple features in a single, unified platform.

Easy Customization

Personalize your loyalty program to match your brand and strategy.

Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value

Strengthen customer relationships and increase CLV.

Comprehensive Referral System

Encourage customers to refer friends and family.

Improved Store Speed

Say goodbye to multiple apps with AiTrillion’s single app code.

Free Migration & Setup

Smoothly transition from your current provider with no hassle.

Dedicated Support

Get expert assistance whenever you need it.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy exceptional value for money with our affordable plans.

Frequently asked questions about Loyalty rewards program

What is a loyalty rewards program?

A loyalty rewards program is a marketing strategy designed to incentivize and reward loyal customers for their continued business and brand advocacy by offering them exclusive benefits, perks, and discounts.

What are the benefits of having a loyalty rewards program?

The benefits of having a loyalty rewards program include increased customer retention, improved brand loyalty, increased customer lifetime value, and increased revenue.

What types of rewards can I offer in my loyalty program?

You can offer a variety of rewards in your loyalty program, including discounts, free products or services, access to exclusive events or content, early access to sales or promotions, and personalized experiences.

How can I promote my loyalty rewards program to my customers?

You can promote your loyalty rewards program to your customers through your website, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and in-store promotions. Additionally, you can incentivize referrals by offering additional rewards or discounts for referring friends or family.

How can I track and measure the success of my loyalty rewards program?

You can track and measure the success of your loyalty rewards program by tracking metrics such as program enrollment, repeat purchases, customer retention rates, and revenue generated from loyalty members.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in implementing a loyalty rewards program?

Common mistakes to avoid in implementing a loyalty rewards program include offering rewards that are not meaningful or valuable to your customers, making the program too complicated or difficult to understand, not regularly promoting the program, and not regularly analyzing and optimizing the program based on customer feedback and performance data.

How can I continuously improve my loyalty rewards program?

You can continuously improve your loyalty rewards program by regularly collecting and analyzing customer feedback, regularly testing and optimizing rewards and program structure, and incorporating new features or benefits based on customer preferences and industry trends.

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“Expedita eos officiis ipsam autem quia rerum inventore. Tempora qui vel enim dolores doloribus. Culpa praesenti.”

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