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Ai Box

Convert Store Into Ai Powered Smart Store


Convert Store Into Ai Powered Smart Store

The best time to interact with your customers is when they are ON your web-store. Onboard new customers, effortlessly raise awareness about all the cool features of your product(s) and make web-store stickier.


Place Everything in One Place to Increase Engagement

Don’t let your visitors wander around and place everything that they need in one place to enhance engagement.

AiTrillion has designed an all-in-one Ai Box where you get access to a variety of convenient options to engage your customers such as —

  • Loyalty points
  • Product and site reviews
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • ChatBot widgets and many more.
Place Everything In One Place To Increase Engagement
Amaze Customers With Tempting Add-on

Amaze Customers with Tempting Add-on

AiTrillion’s Ai box is a must for eCommerce stores to win the hearts of customers and website visitors to enhance sales at scale.

Use Ai box to:

  • Welcome first-time visitors
  • Boost your website rating
  • Drive feature adoption

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