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Ai Box

Convert Store Into Ai Powered Smart Store

AiTrillion’s Ai Box

Place All AiTrillion’s  Module in One Place to Increase Engagement

AiTrillion has designed an all-in-one Ai Box where you get access to a variety of convenient options to engage your customers such as:

  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Review
  • Product Recommendations
  • Newsletter Box
  • New Arrival
  • Recently Viewed

AI Box for Shopify Stores

Customize AI Box to Match Your Brand Theme.

Customize the look and feel of  AI Box based on your brand theme and display it in your eCommerce store to grab the attention of visitors.

AiTrillion makes it easy for you to customize all the feature settings including Loyalty Rewards, Product Review, Product Recommendations, Newsletter Box, New Arrival, and Recently Viewed Product based on your preference and provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Place Everything In One Place To Increase Engagement
Amaze Customers With Tempting Add-on

eCommerce loyalty program with Ai Box

Promote Your Loyalty Rewards Program

Onboard new customers, effortlessly promote your loyalty program, and show their exiting loyalty programs only in one click. Anable AiTrillion’s Ai-powered box makes it easy for customers to check and redeem their loyalty points through AI Box. 

  • Welcome first-time visitors with an attractive discount
  • Drive feature adoption
  • Show popup with existing loyalty points
  • Motivative for newsletter signup with tempting offers. 

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