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Affiliate Marketing Program


eCommerce Affiliate Marketing

Automated Affiliate Programs 

Run comprehensive affiliate programs on your eCommerce Shopify store to effectively stimulate sales from alternative channels. Allow an affiliate for eCommerce to promote products and services in a variety of ways and detailed stats reports to track overall commissions.

Leverage our Shopify affiliate marketing tool features and start driving new revenue streams today.

  • Launch affiliate programs based on cart price rules
  • Set a specific commission type for each program
  • Configure discounts and payout requirements
  • Use a variety of promo materials
  • Manage affiliate accounts and transactions
  • Mobile optimized frontend

What Makes AiTrillion eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Different?

We’ve designed an eCommerce affiliate marketing program to expand and reward brand revivalists while ultimately helping grow the businesses of
our respective clients. With AiTrillion affiliate marketing, you get:

Quick Account Registration

An affiliate marketing program allows customers to become affiliates in a few simple steps:

  • Create a customer account
  • Short affiliate settings form
  • Easily editable

Track Performance with Single Dashboard

Single dashboard to monitor details like:

  • Total affiliates
  • Total commission
  • Total purchase

Ready-Made Set of Promo Materials

Give your affiliates a ready-made set of promo materials like:

Advanced Program Settings

With the best eCommerce platform for affiliate marketing, you can create various segments based on cart price rules and see all generated programs on the affiliate marketing program dashboard.

  • Flexible commission structure
  • Pay per sale per profit commissions
  • Fixed or percent commission type
  • Customizable commission value
  • Lifetime sales commission

Customization for Promoting Profitable Users

Flexibility to customize ‘eCommerce affiliate offers’. AiTrillion allows Shopify store owners to modify commission rules for a specific affiliate.

  • Customize minimum withdrawal amount
  • Flexibility in the available balance for a withdrawal request
  • Special commission module

Effective Management

View and edit affiliate accounts or create new ones right from the admin panel. Facilitate an affiliate marketing agency to take all affiliate actions over total control. Keep track of:

  • Payment statistics
  • Coupons usage
  • Transactions withdrawals
  • Quick image upload
  • Referral links for each banner
  • Manage banners

Payout Control

Track affiliate transactions

Keep all transaction-related information in one place with one of the best affiliate marketing tools. See sorted data by various parameters like email id, order id, order amount, commission, updated date, and created date.

Manage withdrawals

Displays all necessary withdrawal records at one place like email id, amount, status, updated date, and created date.

Reasons to Choose AiTrillion

Features for Store Admins

  • Pay per Sale, and Pay Per Profit commission
  • Custom discounts for each affiliate program
  • Easy banners & links management
  • Detailed transactions report
  • Effective withdrawals management

Benefits for Affiliates

  • Participate in multiple affiliate programs at a time
  • View balance and payouts history Get commission for sales driven by referral links
  • More add-ons affiliate commissions.
  • Use pre-designed banners, coupons, widgets

Advanced Features

  • Custom cookie expiration period
  • Create affiliate programs based on cart price rules
  • Email notifications for admins & affiliates limit minimum withdrawal amount
  • Fixed available balance for a withdrawal request


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