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AiTrillion Partner Program

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The only Partner Program which makes you earn like an Owner


The AiTrillion
Partner Program

The only Partner Program which makes you earn like an Owner

Earn flat 50% Recurring Revenue as AiTrillion Partner Expert

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Benefits of Joining AiTrillion Partner Program

  • Earn monthly recurring commission on every referral.
  • Get 100% management fees for managed partner setup and account fee revenue. (Suggested one-time setup fee of $2500)
  • Get featured on AiTrillion Partner’s listing page.
  • Get funds from AiTrillion for organizing local seller meetups.
  • Attend global partner meetups and grow your network within the community.
  • Access to AiTrillion resources, library, and academy
  • Lead sharing opportunities.
  • Get co-marketing opportunities.
  • Priority support from AiTrillion team.

How to Join AiTrillion Partner Program

1. Partner signup on AiTrillion partner program

2. Application approval by AiTrillion team

3. Access to the exclusive partner portal and dedicated partner link

4. AiTrillion level 1 certification (optional)

5. AiTrillion level 2 certification (optional)

6. AiTrillion level 3 certification (optional)

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