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Tap into one of the most valuable partner ecosystems with AiTrillion. Gain access to unique collaboration opportunities, innovation, and the combined strength of the E-commerce ecosystem.

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Why Partner With AiTrillion?

Your success is our priority.

  • Brand Reach

    Get featured on AiTrillion Partner’s listing page.

  • Meetups and Growth

    Attend global partner meetups and grow your network within the community.

  • Recurring Revenue

    Earn monthly recurring commission on every referral.

  • Lead Sharing Opportunity

    Boost your E-commerce revenue through new leads.

  • Management

    Get 100% management fees for setup and account fee revenue.

  • Co-Marketing Opportunity

    Develop sales funnel faster with co-marketing for partners.

A Brief Look Into AiTrillion Partner Program

  • 175+


  • 450+

    Active Partners

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  • Agency Directory

    Engage with our Agency Partners for strategic guidance as you expand through new leads, revenue-sharing, and collaborative marketing initiatives.

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  • App Directory

    Discover all of our App partners and collaborate with them to unlock amazing growth marketing opportunities.

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Our Valuable Partners

Our Partner Events

The events are designed to share experiences, inspire, and build a powerful network among partners by bringing you insights from hard-won industry trends and experiences of E-Commerce brands that set revenue growth in motion while forming a close-knit network of like-minded professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Partner Program

Who is the AiTrillion partner program designed for?

Our partner program is open to everyone, including Shopify Experts, Agencies, Designers, Developers, and anyone passionate about Shopify.

How does the AiTrillion partner program operate?

Upon joining the AiTrillion Partner Program, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. Share this link anywhere, and you’ll earn a monthly commission for all revenue generated from customers signing up through your link.

How can I attract new clients to AiTrillion?

We provide you with compelling messages and stunning templates. Additionally, we offer flexible, free support and assistance with any integration to help you attract new clients effectively.

What commissions do AiTrillion partners earn?

AiTrillion partners earn a recurring monthly commission for every new referral. You’re also eligible for 100% management fees if you handle all the setup.

Is there a resource library to understand AiTrillion?

Yes, we have a comprehensive Knowledge Library as a valuable resource. It is designed to assist you in attracting and guiding your clients to make the most of the AiTrillion platform and its powerful modules.

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